Meghan-Telpner-UnDietUnDiet: Eat your way to vibrant health

UnDiet is a fabulous, practical, and modern guide to true health.  Without ever using the word “diet,” I encourage major life changes small step by small step with help from the latest nutritional science, a fun and encouraging voice, and an “abundance mindset.” This book is ideal for those seeking plant-based, health promoting (and gluten-free to boot) way of living offering a very accessible path to health.
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UnDiet CookbookThe UnDiet Cookbook: 130 Gluten-Free Recipes FOR A Healthy Awesome Life

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for! 130 plantiful recipes that are easily modifiable to any style of eating whether you’re vegan or paleo or everything in between. In this beautifully photographed inspiring book you’ll enjoy the recipes along with all of the health tips, edible beauty care recipes, UnDiet travel and entertaining guidelines.
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