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How do you begin to define what defines you?

Over the years, as I transitioned from studying fashion, to a career in advertising, through healing from an incurable disease to dreaming up and then creating the most delightful world that encompasses my work, certain philosophies began to take shape and define not only who I am but every single thing that I do.

This goes beyond my philosophy of food and nutrition, though that is part of it. I began to explore what true health meant.

Meghan Telpner Creed

The way we live, think, and respond to the world impacts our personal health as much as how we feed ourselves.

Live The Creed

Today is the day. Make it ridiculously awesometown. Eat fruit, lots of cherries, while thinking good thoughts. Love what you do, and do it with love. Smile at strangers. Be youthful, truthful, playful and funful. Laugh at the ridiculousness of seriousness. Ride bicycles covered in flowers. Sit through the storms, for the sunshine and rainbows will follow. Eat real food. Flirt with farmers. Crunch on carrots. Labels are for tin cans. Make it from scratch. Fuel Your Life. Nourish Your Soul. Delight in the delicious. Slurp Up The Sunshine. Dance like a four year-old. Offer the planet what you wish the planet to offer you. Every choice counts. Optimism is most fruitful. Original over conventional. Weird over boring. Break Rules, UnDiet for Abundant Health. Twinkle, sparkle and shine. Make love in the kitchen.

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