Eating for Awesome Energy Workshop

Eating for Awesome Energy

Eating for Awesome EnergyWe eat for energy, at least that should be our goal with our food choices.

All too often, however, we make choices that rob our body of energy. Sticking with low glycemic eating might just be the easiest, most sustainable, most satisfying and most health promoting way of eating.

This course focuses on how we can eat the right foods, in the right combinations to help maintain energy levels and stabilize blood sugar. In doing this, as a direct result, we elevate our mood, reduce our cravings, lose weight (specifically that mid-section area), increase our feelings of satiety after meals so we stop snacking, regulate hormones, improve sleep and substantially decrease our risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer.

This workshop is an ideal place to start as you enter the whole food world to truly understand how your food affects your body, and educate you on how to make the best choices possible.

Topics explored include:

  • Food and energy relationships
  • How to lower the glycemic load of your favourite dishes/meals/foods
  • Importance of maintaining steady blood sugar
  • Tips and tricks for staying balanced and keeping energy up through day
  • Kicking those bad sugar habits (or should we call them addictions)

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Included in course registration: Eating For Awesome Energy
Over 90 minutes of real-time instructional video split into 6, easy to follow sections.
Video-based instruction on six recipes, created in real time from start to finish.
A complete 37 page downloadable/printable PDF booklet offering additional reference material.
5 Day-Meal plan and all corresponding recipes.
Separate handout of recipes demo'd in the videos to easily follow along.
24/7 ongoing access to all course materials to watch/read over and over again until you have perfected your skills and your knowledge.
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Additional Notes:

  • This course is 100% digital. Nothing will be mailed to you.
  • This course is not vegan. The 5-day meal plan includes some fish and eggs, though there are easily enough other recipes to switch and swap so this should not limit you.
  • The menu is 100% grain-free and gluten-free.
  • The menu contains nuts and seeds and would not be suitable for a nut allergy.
  • Your purchase is non-refundable. Please see our term and conditions.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    It’s amazing how taking your workshop takes my knowledge to another level: I can read your recipes online, but even beyond the delicious food, taking your course was a true party experience: it showed me how to “set-up” an atmosphere with nutritious dips and sesame crackers, cloth napkins, nice tea, etc. I have already signed up for another workshop, and I can’t wait to absorb more great ideas! Thanks Meghan!

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