Edible Beauty Care Workshop

Edible Beauty Care

Edible Beauty Care

With many laughs, sense of fun and my curiosity about how to make things as simple as possible to understand and do, this 90-minute, six-video course explores the awesomeness of all natural, edible beauty care.

We will explore the challenges in conventional cosmetics and beauty care products and what to look out for, and will then dig in how to make everyday personal body care products out of the most basic kitchen ingredients.

Using essential oils for their healing properties, combined with whole foods like avocado, oats, coconut oil and raw honey, I will demonstrate how to make and use an assortment of products including tooth paste, deodorant, facial cleanser, body scrub and even an amazing tooth whitener (this one will make you laugh for sure). All of my recipes are included in the accompanying reference guide.

You will receive a collection of recipes as well as a list of herbs and foods and the function they can play in your cosmetic cabinet.


  • Ingredients to stay away from.
  • Edible beauty care ingredient essentials.
  • How to pick and choose the best herbs and oils for your needs.
  • How to create base body and beauty care products that can be modified to your needs.
  • Extra beauty care tips such as natural tooth whiteners and a fun self-tanner.
  • Products for face, body, mouth and hair.
  • Tips on extra beauty care practices such as dry skin brushing and more.

What’s most awesome is that in the downloadable reference guide that is included with the course, you have a complete listing of the best carrier oils, essential oils and herbs to enable you to mix and match the very best products for your individual beauty care needs. Let your beauty care be your medicine in a most delicious way!

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Edible Beauty Care
Over 90 minutes of real-time instructional video split into 6, easy to follow sections.
Video-based instruction on eight recipes, created in real time from start to finish.
A complete 40+ page downloadable/printable PDF tutorial with reference guides, tutorials and bonus recipes.
Separate handout of recipes demo'd in the videos to easily follow along.
24/7 ongoing access to all course materials to watch/read over and over again until you have perfected your skills and your knowledge.
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