Elixirs and Herbal Medicine Workshop

Elixirs and Herbal Medicine Workshop

No matter what your level of knowledge in nutrition and herbal medicine, whether you have none at all, have done some experimenting yourself, or know lots and want more, Josh Gitalis will surely inspire and educate.

Josh Gitalis, clinical nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, and my husband, joins me in the kitchen to lead the way in this course.

Josh will get into the healing power of herbs, mushrooms, spices, and superfoods, and how to work with them to get maximum super powered healing benefit.

Josh and I share how to effectively combine different herbs, medicinal mushrooms, spices and foods, and how amazingly simple it can be to integrate these elixirs into regular daily consumption. This is true kitchen alchemy.

With a vast knowledge and training in herbal medicine, and years spend developing custom elixir prescriptions for his own clients, Josh offers the unique mix of science, flavour and food into healing beverages.

Some of the things you will learn include:

  • The hidden benefits of common kitchen spices
  • How to maximize your smoothies for optimal nutrition and healing
  • How to turn your smoothie into a super strong elixir
  • How to use medicinal herbs
  • How simple it is to make your own herbal medicine using basic kitchen staples
  • Demonstrate the ease of tincture making
  • The benefits and properties of medicinal herbs

This course includes four elixir recipes, how to build and create your own, how to make herbal tinctures as well as a handy reference guide of kitchen herbs and their healing properties.

This course will take your smoothies to a new, powerful, awesome level.

Elixirs and Herbal Medicine
Over 90 minutes of real-time instructional video split into 6, easy to follow sections.
Video-based instruction on eight recipes, created in real time from start to finish.
A complete downloadable/printable PDF tutorial.
Separate handout of recipes demo'd in the videos to easily follow along.
24/7 ongoing access to all course materials to watch/read over and over again until you have perfected your skills and your knowledge.
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