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I am suffering from Crohn’s / Colitis / IBS (name the condition), can Meghan offer some recommendations on what I could do, or how she got better?

Meghan doesn’t share specific recommendations on her website or by email for Crohn’s or Colitis, or any other specific condition, as the approach for each person is often very unique.  Her online course Foods for Healing, which is offered a few times a year, has been very helpful for individuals looking to take a more holistic or integrative approach to working with their disease.  Alternatively, if you are looking for customized recommendations, please contact our partner nutritionist, Josh Gitalis.

Where did Meghan study nutrition and what school does she recommend?

Meghan attended The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and graduated in 2007. She then went on to participate in dozens of conferences, read loads of books, lived the life she was teaching about and consulted with experts to gain as much knowledge as possible. IHN laid the groundwork but it was the studying and practicing for the following few years that gave her the knowledge she uses today. No matter what program you choose, do it because of the course material- not because of workload, cost or title. It doesn’t matter what you’re title is if you don’t help your clients. If you are not interested in doing one-on-one consulting and are more inclined towards cooking, catering, teaching classes etc. then we would recommend our own Culinary Nutrition Expert program. As for the cooking, Meghan is self-taught.

I can’t find a certain product in your shop.  Where did it go and where can I now find it?

As of 2015, everything in our shop is digital! If it is no longer listed in our shop, we unfortunately do not carry the item.  You may wish to reach out to your local health food store, or just try googling it and we are sure you will find another online source. Though we love to help all of you find the perfect superfood, supplement, or other product, unfortunately, we are not always the best resource depending on where you live and what specifically you are after. If you are looking to buy something, googling it will often lead you to find the product online or in your area.

What happened to your eBooks?

In 2012, Meghan began focusing her efforts on preparing new online courses and programs that can be accessed from any computer in the world!  As a result, all of Meghan’s eBooks have been discontinued, as we are now converting them into shiny new online programs that are packed with more recipes, tips, videos, and a chance to interact with other program participants through forums and discussion boards!  Please sign up for our newsletter to ensure you are up to date with all our latest course offerings! We do have some handy Guides to Health, though, and they might just do the trick to fulfill your eBook needs!

When will Meghan’s next in-person class or workshop take place?

2015 is the year of the online course!  Many of Meghan’s wonderful programs have been developed into fully-online courses with downloads, videos, and other goodies!  Visit our workshops page for more information, and sign up for our newsletter to hear about special in-person classes and live stream sessions that may pop up throughout the year!

Can I book a one-on-one personal consultation with Meghan? 

At this time, Meghan is not booking any one-on-one personal consultations.  We recommend you reach out to our partner nutritionist, Josh Gitalis, to book a consultation or for help developing a custom program.

I am a new graduate from a nutritionist/health coach program. Can I meet with Meghan to talk about my future?

At this time, Meghan is unable to book private meeting with people interested in building a career in the health field. Meghan does offer a business coaching twice a year - you can sign up for our newsletter to "stay in the loop" and receive information about it. If you have questions about furthering your education through our Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, feel free to check our CNE FAQs.

Help! I've got a rash/sore tummy/{fill in the blank}! Can you recommend something for it?

Meghan doesn’t share specific recommendations on her website or by email for any conditions, as the approach for each person is often very unique. If you are looking for customized recommendations, please contact our partner nutritionist, Josh Gitalis.

I represent a multi-level product/brand and I would love to talk to Meghan about getting involved with it! How can I do this?

Meghan does not take part in promoting other brands. However, if you are interested in seeing her consulting media package, we'd love for you to let us know and we can send it your way!

Can you recommend a medical doctor who's supportive of natural medicine?

At this time, we don't have a particular medical doctor to recommend. We do recommend clinical nutritionist Josh Gitalis and naturopathic doctor Jen Newell.

Online Courses

How do I access my online cooking workshops?

Thanks for purchasing one of our online cooking workshops! Once you have completed your purchase, you can access your courses by visiting "My Dashboard" at the top of your screen.  There, you will see a link to "My Courses" which is where you will find all your online cooking classes.  For any other digital downloads such as meal plans, mp3 lectures or guides to health - you can find them all on the My Dashboard page, too!

Will my course materials be arriving in the mail?

Nope. Around here, we are working on saving trees. As is mentioned in our Terms and Conditions, our course materials are downloadable unless otherwise noted. If you want it printed, we suggest you first review it and then decide how much of it you really need to print out -- sometimes printing just the recipes will suffice. Do what works for you and save trees where you can!

How come when I go to download my files, I get a message that says "File Not Found"?

This is because you have probably logged out of the site. You must be logged in to our website with your email and password in order to download your purchase. It's a security thing. If you aren't sure of your password, you can go to our website, go to the sign in in the top left and click "Forgot your password?" If our website greets you by name in the top right corner, and you still can't download the files, then drop us a line at support(at)meghantelpner(dot)com.

I can't seem to save my files. What should I do?

You should see where you have downloaded them to. By clicking the links to download your files, they land on your computer and you should be able to find them where your other download go, open them up and save them to a safe place like an external hard drive, USB key or CD. Note that iPod and iPad do not allow you to save PDF downloads so even if you are so excited and you just bought them, wait until you get to a computer that will let you save the files.

When do my program e-mails begin?

If you've purchased an online program that has daily coaching e-mails, you can chose to being your coaching e-mails at any time. Simply fill out the form on the course page to trigger your e-mails.  You will be sent a welcome e-mail after confirmation, and the program e-mails will begin the next day. If you do not receive this confirmation within a few hours of purchase, please check your spam folders and your "promotions" tab if you're using Gmail. If you still have not received the confirmation e-mail, contact us at support(at)meghantelpner(dot)com.