Healthwashing: Uncovering Food Myths

Undertsanding Healthwashing

Healthy is good. Calling something healthy is what companies do. Companies calling something healthy when it really isn't is healthwashing.

"Healthwashing" as a term is quickly becoming as well known as pinkwashing (products made in the name of cancer research that are known or likely carcinogens) and greenwashing (products promoted as good for the environment when they're not).

As it's written on the Healthwashing Wall Of Shame

Healthwashing is a term used to describe the activities of companies and groups that position themselves as leaders in the crusade forward to good health while engaging in practices that may be contributing to our poor health... A good product, campaign or service stands on their own goodness, not on a claim and offers full disclosure of all ingredients and activity. (If it's a product on shelf, it's always best to judge something by what's IN the box, not by what's promised across the outside in big, fabulous exciting designs. The bigger the claim, usually the more Healthwashed.


My articles exposing companies for their false or misleading claims, or generally agreed upon health benefits that aren't founded anything other than effective marketing are some of my most popular posts.

I have gathered them here for you for quick and easy reference.



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