I am often asked for recommendations on food, books, products and more — so I’ve put together this handy resource page for your reference. I only work with and promote brands that I absolutely adore and that are fully in line with UnDiet


One-on-One Therapeutic Nutrition Guidance


  • Josh Gitalis
    Clinical nutritionist and our top recommendation to help you with one-to-one consulting. His extensive approach is unlike anyone else we have ever worked with and he gets to the root cause, and heals from there. He is available for in-person consulting in downtown Toronto and worldwide via Skype.
  • Institute of Functional Medicine – Practitioner Directory
    Find a functional medicine practitioner in your area who can help bridge the gap between conventional medicine and therapeutic nutrition.




  • Seeds of Deception  – Jeffrey Smith
    We’re talking GMO’s here and how absolutely terrifying it is that these have been approved. We are walking, talking lab experiments and it’s not okay.
  • Folks, This Ain’t Normal: A Farmer’s Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People, and a Better World – Joel Salatin
    We think it’s easier to grow food, send it to a factory, have it processed, preserved, packaged, and shipped halfway around the world, than to make a salad? Joel is amazing. This book is essential.
  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma – Michael Pollan
    Still not sure what the right choice is, on what to eat? At the very least, you must know where your food is coming from and this book will take you on that journey. The book that coined the phrase “Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.”
  • In Defense of Food – Michael Pollan: 
    Another fantastic, common sense approach to taking a real honest look at what it means to eat awesome, real food.
  • Third Plate
  • Big Fat Surprise

health + wellbeing

  • What The Drug Companies Won’t Tell You and Your Doctor Doesn’t Know – Dr. Michael Murray
    This book is a must read for anyone who has every been told a pill is the answer. I think that makes all of us. Unbelievable stats and studies in here that will have you quoting them to your friends. My interview with Dr. Murray
  • Wheat Belly – Dr. William Davis
    A book that has been at or near number one for over a year.  You will be inspired to put down that bread and never pick it up again (though avoid the recipes in this book). My interview with Dr. Davis. 
  • Staying Healthy with Nutrition – Elson Haas
    This book is a text book/ reference guide that should be in every home and is a mandatory text for nearly every nutrition program.
  • Mind Over Medicine – Lissa Rankin
    Not convinced you can heal your body with your mind? Neither was Lissa Rankin initially. But with hard documented truth, she even proved herself wrong. My interview with Lissa Rankin.
  • The Power of Less – Leo Babauta
    With so much unnecessary clutter in our lives, it can be difficult to accomplish anything efficiently. This book will show you how to streamline your goals and stay focused.


  • Diet For A Hot Planet – Anna Lappe
    The way we eat has an affect not just on our own personal and family health but also on the healthy of the planet. And the way we’re eating right now, our planet is far from being nourished.
  • Slow Death By Rubber Duck – Rick Smith
     You think that can of tuna, those mercury fillings, that plastic tupperware, your air fresheners, and your non-stick cookware has no affect on your health? Read this book!
  • Toxin Toxout: Getting Harmful Chemicals Out Of Our Bodies And Our World – Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith
     With so many harmful toxins in our environment, it’s only natural to think “How do I get this stuff out of me?” This advice might surprise you.


      • Food Inc.
        See first hand what the food industry is trying to hide from us.
        LEARN MORE.
      • King Corn
        Everything is made of corn which is crazy given that the corn being grown in those big expansive fields isn’t even edible. Watch this and see what I mean.
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      • Food Matters
        How can our food become our medicine? Watch and learn.
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      • Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
        This movie will inspire you to pull out that dusty old juicer (or get a fresh new one) and put it to work!
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      • OMG GMO
        Find out the amount of genetically modified food that sneaks into our diet on a daily basis (unless we put an end to it).
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      • Vanishing of the Bees
        Where have all of the honey bees gone? What does this mean for the continuous production of apples, broccoli, watermelon and cherries? Get watching.
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      • Farmageddon
        You’d never think that today in the 21st century, we’d be fighting for food freedom. This was a reality for small town farmers who were forced to stop providing safe, healthy food for their community.
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      • Hungry For Change
        Shocking secrets of the weight loss industry (surprise, surprise) and deceptive strategies to keep you coming back starving (literally) for more.
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      • Genetic Roulette
        Quite literally, ‘the gamble of our lives’ as more and more medical disorders are coming about from GMOs (I.e. what may be on your plate right now).
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      • Find A Spring
        Clean drinking water fresh from the spring may be closer than you think. Use this resource to find a fresh water spring near you.
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      • Ecolabel Index
        What do you package labels really mean? This guide can break it down for you.
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      • World’s Healthiest Foods
        Resource for the nutrients in your food, and the foods that have the nutrients you are after. Plus loads of very simple, easy to follow recipes.
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      • Red Tent Sisters
        We LOVE the Red Tent Sisters – they are our go-to Eco Fertility Sexperts.
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      • EcoSex
        Bow chica bow- don’t be sticking anything toxic into that precious place. From eco friendly vibrators to non-toxic lube and condoms from the Red Tent Sisters.
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      • Living Libations
         Beauty care as medicine. This is my favourite line of skin car for its decadence, and pureness. I use everything from their tooth oils. to digestive oils to perfume oils. Going Au Naturelle never smelled so amazing.
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      • Sea Flora
        I love these all organic seaweed based skincare products. Rich in iodine, and other trace minerals, they are amazing at healing and repairing the skin.
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      • Juil
        Earthing-inspired sandals and shoes with grounding properties.
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Eat It Up


      • Four Sigma Foods
        Medicinal mushrooms, adaptogenic herbs and superfoods.
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      • Raw Elements
        Wholesale food supplements and superfoods.
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      • Giddy Yoyo
        Organic, fair-trade
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      • Upaya Naturals
        Canadian based online shop carrying organic/wild raw foods, supplements, appliances and more.
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Household Staples


      • Organic Lifestyle
        All your organic bed and bath needs from organic towels, mattresses and more.
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      • Berry Plus
        Ecological and economical laundry soap.
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      • Seventh Generation
        Cleaning and home care products.
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Kitchen Essentials


      • Vitamix
        Arguably the king of all high powered blenders! Welcome to smooth soup and smoothie heaven.
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      • Blendtec
        Not to be outshadowed by the Vitamix, Blendtec is also an awesome high powered blender option.
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      • Strawsome
         Glass straws never sipped so good.
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      • People Towels
        Reusable cloth napkins.
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      • Wean Green
         Sealable and non-breakable glass storage containers.
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Online Programs We Love

    • The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program
      This one might be a bit familiar (okay okay, I am the program director but STILL!)  This 3-month intensive online certification program is for those of you ready to take your health, business and life to the next level.
    • Online Doula Certification with Bebo Mia
      An awesome opportunity for anyone looking to become a pre/postnatal specialist in any field. This 14 week interactive online program covers comprehensive knowledge necessary to be a confident Maternal Support Worker. The course covers the spectrum of fertility through pregnancy and birth into the postnatal period.
    • EcoContraception with the Red Tent Sisters
      The pill? Oh no you di’int! Let’s embrace our fertility, naturally. The Red Tent Sisters are here for you! This awesome program aims to get you in the natural birth control groove — both for successful conception and for preventing unwanted pregnancies.
    • Fertility Management Secrets of Divinely Empowered Women
      More goodness from the Red Tent Sisters! This program is a training and support program for women who want to empower themselves to manage their fertility naturally and effectively. (Again- ditch that pill already, would ya?)
    • The Foundation of Well-Being
      This is an awesome program taught by Rick Hanson uses the power of positive neuroplasticity to hardwire more happiness, resilience, self-worth, love and peace into your brain and life.