Smoothies and Juicing Workshop

Smoothies and Juicing

Smoothie and JuiceSmoothies and juices are staples for health- as the simplest and fastest way to get loads of nutrient dense power into your body! You will slow the aging process, feel younger on the inside, look younger on the outside and be back flipping in fields of kale*!

Adding a smoothie or fresh pressed veggie juice to your daily routine will change your health in a profound way!

For those of you who are well versed in the ways of smoothies, you’ll learn loads too, and get re-inspired. I know how smoothies can fall into ruts where we use the same things every single day.

Long gone our the days when a banana, some orange juice and yogurt is considered a super smoothie. That, my friends, is more like a milk shake! Carrot, apple, ginger juice? Sure, that is a delicious fresh pressed juice but what about all the other fruits and veggies?

This amazingly inspiring 6-video, 90-minute+ course will introduce you to a world of smoothies and juices that will change the way you blend forever, and likely, the way you feel on the inside and look on the outside!

Packing in nutrient dense shakes and juices is one of the easiest ways to shed a little jiggle from the wiggle and amp up your energy and immune system health.

This workshop explores:

  • Juicing for health
  • Fruits and veggies that boost immune function and fight off disease
  • Juicing and it’s cancer fighting, healing effect.
  • Various juice combos and what they heal and rebalance in the body
  • Unexpected smoothie combinations that will tantalize your taste buds
  • Tips and tricks for hiding veggies in the smoothie
  • How to incorporate more whole foods into your smoothies
  • The importance of protein and fibre in your shake
  • Maintaining the alkaline balance

You will be amazed by how energized, inspired and refreshed you feel after a brunch of super juice and high flying smoothie power.

This course includes a downloadable guide of the power ingredients you can add to your shakes, an outline of the best veggies, as well as a wide selection of juice and smoothie recipes, including all of the ones demonstrated in the videos.

Smoothies and Juicing
Over 90 minutes of real-time instructional video split into 6, easy to follow sections.
Video-based instruction created in real time from start to finish.
A complete 40+ page downloadable/printable PDF tutorial with reference guides, tutorials and bonus recipes.
Separate handout of recipes demo'd in the videos to easily follow along.
24/7 ongoing access to all course materials to watch/read over and over again until you have perfected your skills and your knowledge.
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Additional Notes

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  • Your purchase is non-refundable. Please see our term and conditions.
  • * Back flipping in fields of kale is subject to prior back flipping in kale experience and is not a guarantee.


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