Thank you for your interest in working with me!

I love sharing my wisdom with new audiences.

If you’re organizing an online summit, event or feature that you would like me to participate in here are some of the topics I love to chat about:

Health + happiness topics:

  • Changing the Brain with Heart: How to Calm Anxiety and Rise Above the Chaos.
  • Where is Health Heading? The Future of Personal Health and What We Need to be Doing Today.
  • How Meghan Healed Her ‘Incurable Disease’, Which Led to Her to Build a 7-Figure Business and Cultivated a Global Online Community of Health and Nutrition Advocates.
  • Simplifying Health Down to What Really Matters.
  • Low-Impact Living: How to Keep Ourselves and Our Planet Healthy.
  • How to Persevere in the Face of Uncertainty
  • Listening with an Open Mind
  • Raising your Consciousness Without Turning Your Life Upside Down
  • The Barrel Effect – How to Keeping it From Overflowing

Business Topics

  • Daring to do it Differently— How Listening to Your Inner Voice, Seeking Greater Truth and Can Lead to a Life Where We Thrive Beyond Measure
  • How to Have a 7-Figure Launch Without Spending a Dime on Advertising
  • Life Lessons from 13 Years in Business
  • Staying Inspired in the Health Field After More Than a Decade
  • Rethinking Online courses: How to Make Them Sell Year After Year Without Spending a Fortune on Online Advertising
  • Creating a More Abundant Life by Saying ‘No’ More Often
  • Transforming Your Business by Saying Yes to What Your Community is Asking
  • A Fool-Proof Method for a Successful Product Launch
  • The Power Of Your Voice: Monetizing What Only You Can Offer
  • You’re Awesome: How to Rock Your Health, Your Biz and Your Life
  • Social Media Magic: Cultivating Magnetic Personality For Your Brand


  • Dare to Defy The “You’ll see”s. What I’m Doing to Defy the Norm and How It’s Working.
  • How to Find a “Healthy Balance” When You and Your Spouse Both Work in the Health Field.
  • Boundary Building: Redefining Work-Life Balance as a Mom and Entrepreneur
  • The Impossibility of Work/Life/Motherhood Balance And How to Find Fulfillment and Happiness.

A few things to keep in mind For Summits:

  • We must be compatible brand wise and ideally our audiences complement each other without heavy overlap.
  • You have an engaged audience of approximately 10K+ of subscribers/listeners/readers
  • Though I am thrilled to be part of your summit, I very rarely send out dedicated emails for third party events, even those that I am participating in. If this an absolute requirement for participation, then this may be where we need to part ways.
  • I will post most summits and events on my events page of my website, to our 30K+ Facebook followers and to our 29K Instagram followers and in emails to my database.

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