Sweet and Healthy Treats Workshop

Sweet and Healthy Treats Workshop

Sweet Healthy Treats
In this sweetly inspiring 90-minute, six part course, we’ll explore amazing desserts and healthy treats that both you and your family will love. I promise your little ones, partners and/or lovers will not bite into any of these and tell you they taste “healthy” (like that’s a bad thing!). These goodies will win you eternal love!

In this course we’ll explore:

  • Gluten-free flour options and how to best work with them.
  • Natural sweetener options.
  • How to work with raw cacao and create raw chocolate treats.
  • Getting things to rise without eggs.
  • Making and making with nut/seed milks in place of dairy.
  • Using fruits and vegetable purees in place of oils and/or butter.
  • Basic formula for flawless vegan and/or non vegan baking.
  • Tips and tricks to modify your favourite baking recipes.

What’s most awesome about the recipes created during this course is that they are standard staple desserts. We do a cookie, a cake, an ice cream, some chocolates and few extras that can easily be modified to suit your tastes (or what you have in your kitchen) for infinite varieties. This course offers you the staples, the foundation, on which to create your own best desserts.

Sweet and Healthy Treats
Over 90 minutes of real-time instructional video split into 6, easy to follow sections.
Video-based instruction on all recipes, created in real time from start to finish.
Tutorial on gluten-free flour and natural sweetener options.
A complete downloadable/printable PDF tutorial with reference guides, tutorials and bonus recipes.
Separate handout of recipes demo'd in the videos to easily follow along.
24/7 ongoing access to all course materials to watch/read over and over again until you have perfected your skills and your knowledge.
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