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It's Time To Ditch Plan B and Rock That A-Plan

You are the only person that can guarantee your own success.

When we ditch Plan B, we are choosing to ditch the safety net. We are ready to brave that unknown place. We are ready to dive deep, hold our breaths and literally- sink or swim. Chasing your dreams can be the scariest ride in the whole world, but it's also the most awakening, authentic, alive and awesome we'll ever feel.

Those of us who are making our dreams happen have one thing in common - and it's not luck. We don't have that Plan B.

It's a lot of work... but it's not hard.

Hard work for me was waking up at 4:30 in the morning to go to the gym, dressing so I 'fit in', spending the day having my soul and spirit vacuumed out of me, doing my best to be awesome at a job I hated, working for people who did not deserve anyone's best efforts, and coming home at the end of the day feeling completely deflated. That is hard work - the kind of hard work that doesn't leave any energy left over to even consider making any kind of dreams happen. You might quickly become too tired to even continue dreaming.

It's the kind of hard work that makes us sick. A life without inspiration, without a fulfilled purpose, is a hard way to live. No amount of financial security can make that go away. You can't experience true optimal health without passion, purpose and inspiration.

And yet, we let ourselves fall into this way of living because somehow, in the moment, it seems safer and easier than attempting the A-Plan. It's not.

A-Plan Infographic Meghan Telpner

The A-Plan as the only option.

I create new A-Plans every single day. I think of what I want to do next, who I want to do it with and then get straight to putting the steps in place to actually make it happen. If the plan fails I just create another A-Plan: a new direction and a new challenge based on where my ideas and inspiration direct me. If all else fails, I fail too. Given that the only Plan B I could think of would be to get a job as a matchmaker, it's safe to say, I don't really have a Plan B.

What's Your A-Plan?

It's all up to you now. What do you want your A-Plan to be this year? What do you want to aspire to create, to do and to be in order to live a life of passion, purpose, intention and ultimately- total health and happiness? How are you going to give in a way that makes the world more awesome? And what are you ready to receive as a direct response to the art you are creating?

Get Your A-Plan On.
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