Meghan Interviews: A Conversation with Dr. Lissa Rankin

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Interview with Lissa Rankin

InterviewWhat a pleasure and honour it was for me to have a chance to have this in-depth conversation with best-selling author Dr. Lissa Rankin. Her new book, Mind Over Medicine examines the inherent healing abilities of our bodies, using the power of the mind.

I was deeply intrigued by this topic given my own experience in healing, very rapidly from Crohn’s Disease, an autoimmune, inflammatory bowel disease that is labelled incurable by conventional medicine. My experience was that once I decided to be well, and took on stress management strategies, combined with a nourishing lifestyle, I healed dramatically quick. Until reading Lissa’s book, I had been unable to clearly understand how a body- that had been sick for so long, could recover so quickly.

Lissa’s book provides scientific proof of what is possible when we cultivate conditions for healing.

Mind over Medicine offers the science-based studies that substantiate what many of us have experienced or witnessed in our own lives.

In this delightful conversation,  Lissa shares her own experiences in using mind over medicine in her own life and in her practice, she shares staggering statistics on what we are each capable of, and also offers essential guidance on how we can shift into a healing state. The information shared in this interview is so fundamental to a healthy life- and even more powerfully effective when combined with the principals of UnDiet living.

For more on Lissa, visit her blog and be sure to go over to Mind Over Medicine to download your free toolkit.

Might I also mention- what an awesome combo Mind Over Medicine makes with UnDiet- a summer reading list for mind and body health.

Please help spread the word on Lissa’s book- it has the power to change and improve modern medicine in amazing ways.

Must listen interview with @LissaRankin- #MindOverMedicine via @MeghanTelpner


3 Responses to “Meghan Interviews: A Conversation with Dr. Lissa Rankin”

  1. Lily


    I loved listening to this interview and have been a follower of Lissa for some time. I also am loving your book! You both are so inspiring!

  2. Jenn


    Yes, both of your books are a potent healing combo if I ever saw one! And I’ve read them both this spring. Thank you thank you. xo

  3. sos


    Loved this interviews and both of you are awesome!


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