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A Green Smoothie Sunday


That is not me. I wouldn't mind if it were but I am a little softer around the edges, which is a-okay with me.

This my fair readers, and Green Smoothie drinkers is my momma. My 57 1/2 year-old momma. This is one example of what health and happiness look like. Now, I know that I talk about my mom a lot, and for good reason. She is seriously the best PR person anyone can ask for. Not only does she sing my praises where ever she goes, but she is the walking example of the benefits of a healthy diet, regular moderate exercise, and a zero tolerance policy for whining, guilt-tripping, obligatory obligations and lame excuses. She lives her life, just as she wishes and she is 57 1/2 with unreal arms!

In the past, with the 3 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, I have gone through the cleanse days offering info and advice for getting yourself through this challenge. This time, my goal is to offer inspiration.  Now, I am not showing you this awesome photo of my mom who happens to be wearing a Super Green Clean tank (taken last week while she and my dad were cycling in Banff, Alberta) because this is what we should strive for. No. I am showing you just one vision of health.

We all have our own. I know what mine looks like and you have to determine and embrace what yours looks like. That is all the inspiration I am offering today. I ask that you take a moment and think about what health means to you. What it is worth to you. Where you are in terms of your health goals? What do you believe must happen in order for you to achieve them? And how are you going to do that?

Now write them down as a list. Maybe it is five things, maybe it is ten things- a list of things that you can do everyday that will change the way you feel. For example, a list could be as follows:

1. Drink one full glass of water with lemon right when I wake up.

2. Walk 20 minutes everyday, not because I need to get somewhere, just to walk

3. Take five deep, down to the bottom of the lung breaths at least once a day.

4. Decide what time I am going to bed and stick to that time no matter what.

5. Spend ten extra minutes-a-day in the kitchen.

See- simple things. Come up with your own list and I encourage you to post some of your resolutions on this page.

Now for those of you doing this Green Smoothie Cleanse for the first time, I won't leave you info free. Each day of this cleanse, I will post a couple links to past Green Smoothie Cleanse posts. Happy blending!

7 Responses to “A Green Smoothie Sunday”

  1. Both you and your mom are so beautiful! Definitely inspirations for healthy living :)
  2. Fantastic advice! I clicked the link for advice point #5 because it reminded me of my "zen of fruit cutting" blog post and found that you wrote in on January 1. How coincidental and very appropriate that you wrote it on the Jewish New Year. Shana tova! May this be a healthy year for you in a more real sense of the word than the cliched new year's greeting sense. (I shouldn't even be reading this - I was going to check the weather forecast online and then get dressed for shul...)
  3. Wow! Your mom looks fabulous! Good for her on being healthy:) I definitely need to make a list. I have really been struggling lately with finding what 'goals' I need to focus on and which ones may not be so important.
  4. Lauren said…
    Your mom looks fantastic! What great genes you have! :) You are both so beautiful!
  5. Lindsey said…
    Meghan-I tried to click the link on the "I'd Rather be Chubby" Post and it came up "404, we can't find this, etc.". So I did a search for it and then found the date it was on but that date, May 12, I think, is mysteriously absent from your archives. I'm just really curious about this post now. Do you know what happened to it?
  6. Meghan Telpner said…
    I do! I am actually reposting it next week. Patience my sweet!
  7. Your mom...amazing. I want her arms. Water with lemon first thing every morning. Huge goal for me instead of my coffee with cream. Going on 8 days now of doing it and looking forward to it every morning.

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