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Popping The Top Off Coca-Cola’s Healthwashing Campaign | Meghan TV


Healthwashing is more rampant than ever for we, as a society, are get sicker, fatter and closer to complete and total health degeneration. Coca-Cola is trying to cash in.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to work out who's really taking care of us.

We have junk food companies telling us they care. They feed us warm and fuzzy TV commercials, product placements in our favourite shows and movies and even infiltrate YouTube videos by abusing us with their ads before we watch a video that completely opposes whatever they were advertising for.

As we all know, good food isn't cheap and cheap food isn't good. The advertised health claims or health advantages on those cheap foods is just that -- advertising -- and few do it better than the age old classic that is Coca-Cola.

In this controversial episode of Meghan TV, I am taking the lid off the pot and giving it a stir as I explain how these processed food companies are not really part of the solution to our state of ill health, and how they're trying to trick us into thinking they are.

This episode covers:

  • The confusing message behind Coca-Cola's Coming Together Campaign
  • How Coke has become a sponsor of the American Dietetics Association
  • Coke's blaming of chairs for the obesity epidemic (yep!)
  • Why sugar drinks are so harmful to our health
  • A real common sense solution to getting our health on.

Exposing CocaCola's #healthwashing campaign via @MeghanTelpner

It's not our fault for being confused over what to do. They want us confused and hope that somewhere in that confusion, their guiding light will come shining down, and we will continue to trust and continue to consume. A lot.

See, this is the problem. On the one side (we'll call this the Consumer Side), we're told their products are healthier, are "enriched" with vital nutrients, have been put into smaller cans and packets, and they've got us covered in our struggle to get healthy. But then on the other side (we'll call this the Shareholder and Market Share Side) they want us consuming more, more, more so that their bottom line continues to grow.

Want more?

Special thank to Dr. Yoni Freedhoff and Andy Belatti for sharing some of your images with me.

What do you think? Can soft-drink companies, fast food chains, and processed food giants really be part of the solution to the health problems they have been major causes of?

9 Responses to “Popping The Top Off Coca-Cola’s Healthwashing Campaign | Meghan TV”

  1. Jane said…
    Bravo Meghan! You have said what so many need to hear. It's so easy to believe the experts that tell us our current habits are just fine. You make some very valid points. This is well worth sharing!
  2. Sara said…
    I found myself nodding all the way through. The calorie theory is over. Time to start doing the work, going back to real food and making every calorie count towards health.
  3. Stephanie said…
    Very well presented and well spoken Meghan. Keep doing what you're doing.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Thank you!
  4. Excellent and timely. I will be sharing Cathy (IHN student)
  5. Darren said…
    I agree with Sara and I nodded all the way too. You pegged it exactly Meghan by saying Healthier does not mean Health.
  6. marilenecaetano said…
    AMAZING! Eloquent and engaging. Full of useful facts. Thank you for pointing out how it really has become acceptable to lie in advertising. Its a disgrace that this misinformation is allowed to be distributed. Here, Here!
  7. Kathleen Graas said…
    As an "older" person, I have never trusted "anything" said by a corporation and hopefully raised my offspring to feel the same. Having been one to eat mostly non-processed foods for life, I know that REAL food just tastes better, so making good choices is easy for me. Unfortunately, most people just want to sit home watching television or talk on their cell phones and have not only no education about food but do not care. The schools are not educating children and neither are the parents. THERE is the failure in our society.
  8. […] that people are drinking less soda, and there’s nothing quite so satisfying as watching this healthwashing giant scramble to figure out what’s next in a post-soft-drink […]

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