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Get EcoSexy: 5 steps To A Greener Sex Life


Written by Amy and Kim Sedgwick.

There are lots of easy, inexpensive ways to make your love life more ecosexy. Here are our top five to get you started.

  1. Use organic, all-natural, glycerine and paraben-free lube.
    Lube makes sexy time more fun by reducing friction and increasing pleasure. Unfortunately, most pharmacy brand lubes contain ingredients that aren’t very vagina-friendly. Glycerine is a sugar, and there's some evidence that the natural yeast in a woman's body feeds off that sugar and multiplies, thus leading to an increase in yeast infections. Parabens have been known to mimic estrogen and wreak all kinds of havoc on the reproductive system. Thankfully there are lots of options that are better for your body, and the earth. Check out your local health food store or specialty sex shop for brands without parabens and glycerine. Our personal favourite is Hathor, made in Canada by a woman owned company. Some other great eco options are Sliquid Organics, or Blossom Organics.
  2. Get outside.
    Bring the bedroom to the backyard. But before you worry about the neighbours, consider that you may be laying your naked body on harsh chemicals and weed killers. Make the switch to natural fertilizers and pest management, and take a roll in the hay … or grass.
  3. Use eco-contraception.
    High levels of synthetic estrogen from hormonal birth control means women are literally peeing estrogen into our water systems. A number of studies show that this is feminizing fish and other species in our ecosystem. So ditch the hormones and opt for other more eco-friendly methods of birth control such as cervical caps, non-hormonal I.U.Ds, or a fertility awareness method (a form of menstrual charting that when done accurately is over 99% effective, a far cry from your parents’ rhythm method)
  4. Have some good clean fun.
    Showering with your partner is a great way to conserve water, while also getting you in the mood. Just be sure to save your sexy times for afterwards – the idea is to make the shower shorter, not longer.
  5. Introduce a green sex toy to the bedroom.
    There's nothing sexy about phthalates, a chemical found in a lot of sex toys that is bad for our bodies as well as the earth. Look for toys made from glass, stainless steel, wood, or silicone, and choose rechargeable vibrators whenever possible. Some brands to look out for are Lelo, Fun Factory or Tantus. We also love supporting Happy Valley– a family owned business located just outside Toronto. They make all their silicone toys in their 100-year old farm house. How cute is that?

Question Of The Day: How green is your sex life?

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One Response to “Get EcoSexy: 5 steps To A Greener Sex Life”

  1. Connie Eberhart said…
    My preference is Aloe Cadabra! A premium lubricant made with 95% Aloe Vera, and contains Vitamin E. 100% Organic! Certified to new ANSI/NSF body care standards…AND…FDA-cleared!

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