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I (heart) Chicken


In Michael Pollan's book, In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto, he is telling his reader to stop being so paranoid about macronutrients (those would be fats, carbs and proteins) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and instead just get back to the basics and eat what our grandmothers would recognize as food; that means no aerosol spray cheese or Apple Jack's cereal straws (one of the ingredients incidentally is 'sheanut'. Any guesses?) .

The message of Pollan's book, summarized in it's very last sentence, is this: "The cook in the kitchen preparing a meal from plants and animals at the end of the shortest of food chains has a great many things to worry about, but 'health' is simply not one of them, because it is a given".

That means, in the case of animals, skipping the stop at the feed lots and factory farms, the chemistry labs, the assembly line industrial slaughter houses, massive scale meat processing plants, and the long hauls in refrigeration trucks.

The best way to ensure the safety and quality of meat products is to know where they are coming from or even better, to take a little road trip to visit the farms (might a recommend a Saturday jaunt to Everdale Farm) that our eggs, chicken, pork, turkey, beef, lamb, goat, bison, or venison are coming from. After that, we may find that we don't want to eat them quite as often, and that when we do, we opt for the best quality available.

5 Responses to “I (heart) Chicken”

  1. [...] I did pretend like I couldn’t cook and didn’t like to cook. My first ever cook book was called “Help, My Apartment had a Kitchen”. For some ridiculous reason, I thought that, being a fashion student and working in advertising, also enjoying time in the kitchen went against my image- whatever that may have been. The other thing that’s funny about that comment is that I don’t ever remember roasting a chicken.  (I definitely wouldn’t now, after all, I <heart> chicken). [...]
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  5. Callie said…
    I love love love your articles and your new kitch.en!!! Fabulous pinks.. I love color. Anyway I am a missions owner and classically trained chef you just went back into teaching culinary classes at the local culinary school. I had to tell you I have lived as a vegan for the past four years due to illness and have no objection to eating meats... I do have an objection to how meats are raised, how we treat the animals and what kind of life they had. No Wal mart eggs and no factory raised foods for me. I loved your message because like most health concious people you make most of your meals veg and understand a cook chicken is worth the wait. I cannot wait to hear your book. Good luck with all you do and you have won over this reader. Many Blessings. Callie

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