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My Top 30 as I Celebrate 30


Yes, it is true. I am moments away from turning the big 30 (October 25th, 12:01 am it becomes official). I don't know why 30 seems old, as if I am now supposed to be a grown-up or something. Good thing I have never played by the rules. Thinking back, there are some birthdays that stand out in my mind.

I had a boy/girl dance party for my 9th birthday, was the student designer for my high school fashion show on my 16th and celebrated 20 with a debaucherous house party in my first apartment. It was a night that ended with many empty Mike's Hard Lemonade bottles, missing door handles to all my doors and someone sleeping in my bath tub. I turned 24 in the small beach town of Ponta D'Ouro in Mozambique Africa, watching a mind blowing lightning storm over the Indian Ocean. Due to being sicky sicky, I opted to turn 25 twice, having not had quite the experience on my first go-around. On the second turn at 25, my then boyfriend from England flew in to surprise me... bringing all his stuff with him. Surprised I was, he planned to stay... indefinitely. He left three weeks later. When I turned 27, I was living in LA, undergoing treatment for Crohn's. My momma came out to visit me and we spent the day celebrating my health, hiking to the highest peak in the Santa Monica Mountains. I hit up Chicago with my oldest and sweetest friend Jay for my 29th, but that one you can read about here.

So what does this year bring? Amazingness I'm sure. I feel a bit like all the good things in my life have been packaged up with a bow in a basket. Maybe that is what 30 is about; knowing with absolute certainty that I am just who I am supposed to be, doing just what I am supposed to be doing, and keeping the exact company I want to keep. 30 is nice. I think I might stay awhile.

To commemorate this point in my life, I decided to go with a top 30 list of my top 30 favourite things (in no particular order), right now, at 30. And from 30 onwards, this will be my tradition. My top 30 at 30, and my top 30a when I turn 30 again next year, then top 30b the year after... I think you get it.

babymeg2What would top your list, right now, today?

  1. Mornings with my bicycle
  2. Beaches
  3. Coconuts
  4. Maca Powder
  5. Super Powered Oatmeal
  6. The Song Bruises by Chairlift
  7. Days filled with writing
  8. Cacao
  9. Laughing until I am wheeping and can't breathe (check out the end of the this video for a sample)
  10. Matinee movies on a rainy day
  11. Sunday dinners with my family
  12. Arts and Crafts at The Love Shack
  13. Honey Crisp Apples
  14. Farmers
  15. Deer sightings
  16. MyocalmPM by Metagenics
  17. Sunsets
  18. Oceans and Seas
  19. Massages
  20. Morning Dance Parties (see item 6 and 22)
  21. Acupuncture
  22. Human by The Killers
  23. Green Tea
  24. Fresh Baked Bread and Butter (yes! Bread and Butter)
  25. Shooting Stars
  26. Intense, hot, sweaty yoga (bet you didn't think I was going to say yoga!) and the buzz that follows
  27. Getting 10 hours of sleep in a single night
  28. My new vegan-unfriendly Frye Boots
  29. The star necklace that rarely leaves my neck
  30. My kitchen

Let the celebrations begin!

38 Responses to “My Top 30 as I Celebrate 30”

  1. Julia said…
    Happy Birthday!
  2. Happy belated!! "Bruises" is a pretty awesome song.
  3. BitterSweet said…
    Happy belated birthday!! I hope that this is the best one yet, with many more to come! :)

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