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Ocean’s Alive? That Sounds Good!


We  have two spots in tonight’s smoothie on Up, Juice It On Down workshop. And just one spot left in our 4-Week Flavours Of The World cooking program.

I offer loads of info about loads of foods- some everyday foods like squash and raspberries and some weirder foods like cocoa butter and aloe. I'm an equal opportunity food researcher.

Today- the food falls into the weird category- and is also fitting after all the excitement yesterday over the registration rush on our Fab Uplift Detox Program.

There is something powerful, magical and inherently healing about the ocean. There is no place I would rather be than with my toes in the ocean. There is also something incredibly powerful about the ocean. Our planet depends on the health of our water for survival.

Wait a second- don't we, as humans also rely on the power of our water for survival? Yes, my fair sister, Yes! I say.

A little over a year ago, I was introduced to a product called Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton.  I started taking it straight away and wowzer mcnowzer I was feeling Queen of AwesomeTown and I didn't know what this Marine Phytoplankton actually was.  So I read. I read and read and read.

Want some more coolio factoids?

  • The blue whale is king of the seas and feeds almost exclusively on marine phytoplankton and a select species of krill which, in turn, also eat phytoplankton. The blue whale can travel hundreds of miles without rest. This marine phytoplankton must be good stuff!!
  • It's composed of single cells that bypass the liver and digestive system. This means that results are seen and felt within a few days or even a few hours of taking it, compared to other medicines that take weeks and months. This also means that it can easily be absorbed even when dealing with critical digestive challenges.
  • Marine phytoplankton provides a rare and complete food that gives the body virtually all of the raw materials that it needs, in one single source, to produce healthy new cells and neuro-chemicals for the brain, such as dopamine and serotonin- the goodies that make us feel well inside.
  • Marine phytoplankton contains over 65 nutritional properties, including all of the amino acids, essential fats, vitamins, key minerals and trace elements, rare anti-oxidants, phospholipids, electrolytes, nucleic acids, enzymes and co-enzymes.

Not to get too sciencey on you but in short, phytoplankton are the photosynthesizing microscopic organisms that inhabit the upper sunlit layer of almost all oceans and bodies of fresh water. What's amazing about this is that the  intense chlorophyll content that is dancing with that sunlight translates to super powers in our body.  The result in our body is that  marine phytoplankton increases oxygen uptake by the cells and higher oxygen uptake means more fuel to muscles, which translates to improved performance, endurance and brain function.

With the smallest nano-particulate size of all micro algae’s, marine phytoplankton delivers vital life energy at the DNA/Mitochondria level.

Who remembers what the mitochondria does in the cell? Right- it's the energy producer. What this means is that we're getting energy  on a cellular level. It's like cells talking to cells and this vital energy penetrates the blood/brain barrier feeding the higher master glands located deep in the brain stimulating significant mental clarity.

As you may be aware, if I love something enough, I put my name on it. And that's what I did with Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton. I LOVED this stuff- so I went to the source and ordered loads. Recently we received an email from someone asking where our phytoplankton came from. I couldn't believe with all the research I had done on this product and why it made me feel so amazing, I hadn't ever asked where it came from.

So of course- I had to find that. And here enters my dear friend Adrian Quinn.

If you are familiar with the rules and foods and claims, than you know it's against the rules to claim that any food has any healing powers. What I will say is that some of the benefits people have claimed they began enjoying around the time they started taking marine phytoplankton, they include:

  •  Regulation of blood sugar.
  • Improved eyesight (I hear this one a lot!)
  • Improved skin tone and colour
  • Speedier recovery from illness
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Reduced levels of inflammation
  • Defense from radiation

With its abundance of naturally produced vitamins, minerals and superpowers from the sun's energy, you might just find yourself leaping over tall buildings.

AwesomeTown right? Very interesting at least and I am confident that you for sure learned something just now. And that makes me happy. Whether you dig the phytplankton or not- you'll be doing yourself a huge favour when you eat the goodness from the ocean.

And if you are playing along in our Fab Uplift Detox or not, this might be just the perfect thing to have on hand as the holidays roll right on in.

Question Of The Day: What do you eat that makes you feel AwesomeTown?

If you would like, you could get some here.

10 Responses to “Ocean’s Alive? That Sounds Good!”

  1. ohhh as a mama who is often sleep deprived and has been experiencing some definite brain fog... I am excited to try this stuff out!!
  2. peace said…
    That photo you posted of the ocean really lifted my spirits.
  3. Ruby said…
    I love you, Meghan, and I believe in you and all your beautiful advice. Really hoping this isn't the Adya Clarity phytoplankton that's been all over the news? Check out what Shawn Stevenson and RawFoodWorld and others have to say...and let's make sure all of your much loved peeps are buying the safe stuff.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Hi Ruby- Thanks for your concern but this is not at all related to Adya Calrity which is not a sea derived food by a rock extract (black mica extract). There is absolutely no relation between the two products.
  4. Tina said…
    Hi, Are there any spots left for the retreat in St Lucia? I'd love to bring my Mom. Thanks, ~Tina
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      We are full to the brim. Sold out last May actually. 2013 dates to be posted soon.
  5. Matthew said…
    Hey Meghan ! So i bought something similar called E3Live . Have you heard of it??? it needs to be kept frozen untill use and is in a much larger bottle... its also dark green. Was wondering if theres a difference between Oceans Alive because it doesn't need to be in the fridge :S PS - people swear by E3Live as well ...
  6. I've added Marine Phytoplankton to my diet and I'm so glad... here's why: (via @meghantelpner) #nutrition #health
  7. Sue said…
    I have cancer does this stuff help also severe constipation would it help with that?
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Hi Sue! I have a full video post on constipation here: Always best to work with your health care practitioner, who can tailor protocols to your needs.

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