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Podcast Episode 15: Healing Cancer With My Dad, Ron Telpner


Episode: 15

Title: Healing Cancer With Ron Telpner

Guest: Ron Telpner, Chairman and  CEO of The Brainstorm Group, Meghan’s dad, and definitely too cool for cancer

Summary: Ron Telpner was diagnosed with prostate cancer in September of 2010. Taking the “Active Surveillance” approach, he has changed his lifestyle to one he believed would help build his health. Instead of fighting cancer, he is healing cancer, and in the process healing everything. This is not ever where this advertising executive thought he would be in his 60th year, but it's amazing the gifts that come to us in sometimes unexpected packages. This interview was the best I have ever done, likely because it really means the most to me. This is why I do what I do, not just for my dad, but for anyone who cares to listen, and more importantly, is open to making the changes.

Question Of The Day: What is your favourite unconventional medicine?

13 Responses to “Podcast Episode 15: Healing Cancer With My Dad, Ron Telpner”

  1. Jennifer R. said…
    Loved this podcast -- thanks for sharing your healing journey! Just yesterday, my stepmother's sister-in-law had surgery to remove breast cancer. It truly has become an industry in itself! After reading some of Louse Hay's books, she says the cancer diagnosis is a wake up call to change what you are doing. If not, the cancer is likely to return. That was eye opening to me. And it's obvious that your dad's diagnosis changed his outlook on eating.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Jennifer- if you haven't already read it, you must must must get Knock Out by Susanne Somers. It's fantastic!
      • Jennifer R. said…
        Thanks, I just put it on hold at my library.
  2. Deborah said…
    Meghan, This was such a wonderful interview to listen to! I love that you've inspired your Dad to take a natural approach to healing his body. I hope you know that without you, he likely wouldn't be taking this path! I'm going to share this on with everyone I know :-) Mr. Telpner, I love your attitude! I also have no doubt you're on the way to perfect health!
  3. Alex said…
    My boyfriend and I listened to this podcast this morning and loved it...Sounds like your dad is going through some profound changes. I'm so happy for your family :) I'm going to be doing a post on my own blog about Movember and I'd like to link to this interview...hopefully you don't mind?
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  5. Andrea T said…
    Just listened. It's full of awesome. Go Ron!
  6. Gail said…
    Thank you Ron! Thank you Meghan! You are truly an inspiration and I hope that your story and information is spread far and wide. All the best in this healthy journey. Gail
  7. Cheftometrist said…
    Thank you, Meghan. This hits close to home.
  8. Shanna said…
    I am so glad you posted this. I have been healing myself naturally from Hodgkin's Disease and it's so refreshing to see articles/podcasts that tell the story of others who make healthy transitions to heal. I hope you Dad is still doing well!
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