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Remember That Time I Hired A Personal Chef?


Just one spot left in our 4-Week Flavours Of The World cooking program. It starts tomorrow night!

Have you ever had that thought, oh, why didn't I marry a massage therapist so I could get a massage every night? I fear that my love sweet love might have once upon a time wished to find a nutritionist to make amazingly creative healthy meals every night.

Something happens sometimes when you do something all day, that when you get home at night, its not always what you feel like doing. I've been a wee busy at work lately, and our dinners on the nights that I am home, have been a little less than AwesomeTown.

So I hired a private chef. Yep. I did. Once. And I am telling you, I am hooked!

For my aforementioned love's birthday, I wanted to plan something experientially amazing. We're not so into stuff so instead I planned a day on the town visiting the art gallery, going out for lunch, popping in at a hoity toity spa- it was delightful. As we're sipping tea post massage, he asks me if we're going our for dinner. Given that the whole day was a surprise for him, I sarcastically said- "Why don't we stay home, I'll call Pierre, our personal chef, and let him know we'll be taking our evening meal in the dining room".

I was only half kidding. Our chef Pierre, was actually the very amazing, astoundingly talented and mighty adorable chef Kristin Rugg Dovbniak. You might recognize her as the chef that teaches our private kitchen skills classes.

This was the absolute highlight of the day- or maybe of my life. We had been out playing all day, and came home to this...

On each of the plates was the menu, that I worked with Kristin to put together based on the mouth watering choices she provied.

Our Menu

  • Goat cheese stuffed honeyed roasted figs +Artichoke white bean hummus with herbed almond crostini (which she made from scratch!)
  • Velvety Cauliflower soup with brazil nut pesto
  • Arugula and avocado salad with lemon vinnaigrette
  • Miso Glazed black cod with sautéed broccolini and wild rice pilaf
  • Dark chocolate brownie a la mode with coconut milk ice cream
Kristin left everything prepped and just about ready to go...
If only my fridge looked like this all the time. She also left very easy (and fun) to follow directions on how and when to heat what.
And we LOVED it!
I promise you- this dinner was better than anything I have ever had at a restaurant. And knowing it was all organic and sustainable and made with love- was even more special.
Kristin cooked everything in our kitchen and left it cleaner than when she arrived.  We even had enough leftovers to do it all over again the next night- though the second time around I had to set the table, Fair trade.
We fell so madly in love with the private chef thing that the next weekend, we had Kristin make dinner for my man's whole family. They loved it too!
Our entire meal incidentally, was gluten and dairy free. Kristin also had a whole load of vegan entree options too. The thing is about this sweet service- is that it's no more expensive than a nice dinner at a restaurant and way more special!
Seems that people have started thinking about the holiday time already, and I can't help but think about all the people I know who would absolutely love to receive this as the best gift ever. And you know who would love it the most? You!
You deserve it. And to get you started, here is my version of Kristin's Honeyed Figs. So, so, so, sooooo amazing!
ps- if you don't already follow her, over at Cook, Bake, Nibble, do it! She has great recipes, plus she's giving away a copy of my Fab Uplift Detox.

Fresh Roasted Honeyed Figs

12 fresh figs
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup organic goat cheese

  • Preheat oven to 425
  • Cut each fig into quarters, stopping 1/2 inch from bottom so as to leave the base intact.
  • Gently open figs. Drizzle honey around the sides.
  • Spoon teaspoon's worth of organic goat cheese into the center of each fig.
  • Drizzle with honey over top.
  • Roast in a parchment lined pan for 12 minutes, until softened.
  • Switch oven to broil and cook for 2-3 more minutes, watching to see the honey start to bubble.
  • Send Kristin a thank you note for the inspiration.
Question Of The Day: What is the best present you've ever given or received?

14 Responses to “Remember That Time I Hired A Personal Chef?”

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