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UnDiet Book Announcement: When Bum Becomes Butt


Whatchu waiting for? We have a whole bursting at the seams semester full of amazing, amazing workshops...but only a few spots remain!

I had many post titles in mind for this great big super exciting news that I have been busting at the seems to tell you about since... oh... early July.

I could have called it :When Bum Becomes Butt, or When Litres Become Gallons, or What do Kris Carr and I have in Common?

The short of the long of it was announced in the Quill and Quire- the publishers trade journal with the following brief but to the point sentence:

Suzanne Brandreth at Cooke International reports the sale of US rights to Meghan Telpner’s UnDiet: How to Break the Rules, Make Love in the Kitchen, and Live the Life of Your Dreams, an inspiring and delicious guide to make big health and life changes without dieting, to Mary Norris at Skirt! on behalf of McClelland & Stewart Doubleday Canada.
Do you know what this means Hot Sugar Mamma's??? YES! My book UnDiet sold to the US. We got ourselves a US publisher to cheerlead for the success of this totally awesome and essential book!
This is the very same publisher that has published Kris Carr of Crazy Sexy Life (and cancer, and diet). Super cool right? This means that I know they'll be singing along to my tune.
The publishing date for Canada is still scheduled for December 26th, 2012 and the US version will come out in March 2013. The book will be mostly the same with a few tweaks to language- taking out words like bum and knickers.
My Canadian friends- you can already pre-order your copy at amazon and chapters. My American friends, I'm afraid if you already pre-ordered, it will be cancelled and you'll have to wait until my US publisher gets those goods live.
This is all the excitement I can handle for one day.
Have a great weekend!

22 Responses to “UnDiet Book Announcement: When Bum Becomes Butt”

  1. Raeanne said…
    Wow, well deserved, Meghan. Big congrats!
    • Meghan Telpner said…
  2. Josephine said…
    No surprise that you would be picked up by a US publisher, they can spot a winner a mile away:) Congratulations, looking forward to owning/ reading my own copy.
  3. Ashley said…
    so thrilled for you!!!
  4. Andria said…
    Congrats!! I'm going to buy the Canadian one and an American one!!!
  5. Congrats!...bums and knickers...heehee
  6. That's SO exciting Meghan! Congrats!! Will have to ask for it for a Christmas gift!
  7. Cori said…
    Congratulations Meghan...that's super exciting news! I was looking for a link to pre-order your book on ... but didn't see one? Did I miss it? Congrats again.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      It's there! You can pre-order on here:
  8. Jenn said…
    Meghan, I say "bum" a lot more ever since I met you! I love saying it in yoga classes. Ha! So excited to support your book over here. Love you and your team! Jenn
  9. Marilene said…
    Congratulations Meghan! Such amazing deserve this with all your hard work and dedication!

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