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UnDiet Hits The Media and #1Bestseller List


CanadaAM2What a magical week it has been! UnDiet hit the world with a biggidybang this week. From radio, to newspaper, to TV and across the web!

Given that am barely keeping up with my own schedule these days, I thought I’d share some highlights from the UnDiet Cheerleading Revolution!

CBC Fresh Air with Karen Gordon

Saturday, March 30th

CBC Fresh Air with Karen Gordon

We kicked off the media blitz with a wonderful 14 minute interview all about taking responsibility for our health and questioning the paradigms. Listen here!

Winnipeg Free Press

Saturday, March 30th


Got some love from my hometown! My grandfather Gene Telpner was an entertainment journalist for the Free Press in the 70’s and they extended the love my way to support UnDiet. You can read it here. 

Hunting For Books At Indigo

BookSigningLater that same day, Josh and I hit up the movies and stopped at our local Indigo to see my books live and in person the store- and to sign what they had in stock. Only one problem. With all the excitement after my radio interview, they only had three copies left!

Oh She Glows

Monday, April 1st


Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows was stop #4 on our UnDiet Book Tour and she shared my Ginger Ale recipe and some beautiful photos. Must have worked as she closed the contest after two days with over 2,800 entries!

CTV’s Canada AM

Tuesday, April 2nd

CanadaAMWe kicked off on sale date bright and early. Would you believe I had a driver in a fancy pants car come and get me and take me to the studio- where I blended up some delicious almond hazelnut milk. I tried my best but couldn’t get a smile out of the host, no matter how much I mentioned My Nut Sack or milking nuts. Watch the segment here. 

Toronto Star

Tuesday, April 2nd


I did an interview for the Toronto star about why we need to get in our kitchen and cook- and more importantly, I offered 5 UnDiet inspired tips to make it easy. Read the article here. 

Tera Warner’s WISH Summit

Wednesday, April 3rd


I was so thrilled and honoured to take part in this year’s WISH Summit. It includes some of the worlds most brilliant and inspiring individuals. My interview was Tera is about 45 minutes long and was a wonderful conversation. You can download it to listen here.  


Wednesday, April 3rd


For MindBodyGreen, stop #6 on the UnDiet Book Tour, I wrote an article on 10 Ways Your Can UnDiet Your Life Right Now. Apparently, people are wanting to UnDiet- this was shared hundreds and hundreds of times! Read it here. 

Navitas Naturals

Wednesday, April 3rd


One of my favourite Superfood companies, Navitas Naturals did an interview with me all about UnDiet living. It was stop #5 on our UnDiet Book Tour. The interview was super fun as it was so food focussed, and I share one of my most favourite smoothie recipes. Read the full interview here. 

Metro News, Canada-wide

Thursday, April 4th


That paper everyone picks up on their local public transit- well I was in it with a spread of some of my fave recipes from UnDiet. I thought it pretty funny that an LCBO ad ended up smack dab in the middle of all my vibrant living recipes. Get the recipes here. 

Global Morning Show

Thursday, April 4th

Was up at dawn today to chat pooping, breathing and laughing- the true essentials of health- with the dynamic group over at the Global Morning Show. Watch it here if that video above won’t load. 

And then this happened!

AmazonThat’s right! UnDiet hit #1 on the Amazon Bestseller list! Yes!!! We did it and so many people are going to be getting super powered healthy.

If you have yet to get your books- come on! There’s a revolution happening. We are still giving away lots of presents with your purchase- just until Tuesday. Get all the details here. 

And if you do have your book- be sure to sign in here to get your presents with purchase and access to our private UnDiet Book Club Facebook Group.

Thank YOU for all your love and support this week. It has truly been an unreal experience.


Meghan Telpner Signature

15 responses to “UnDiet Hits The Media and #1Bestseller List”

  1. Christa @ Edible Balance says:

    You are taking the world by storm my dear! This is all SO well-deserved Meghan, congratulations on your #1 spot! Getting the word out there about taking back our health is incredibly important and you are doing a FABulous job of it :)

  2. Ami L says:

    So excited for you! I’ve been talking up the book to everyone I know! Can’t wait for more people to get on board with the undiet lifestyle :)

  3. sharon stanley says:

    yay for you! many many congrats for all your book success…can’t wait to see where it takes you….!

  4. marilenecaetano says:

    WOW-ZA! Congratulations Meghan! I just got my book today and it is so beautiful. There is no better example of how believing in your own potential, taking small steps every day and surrounding yourself with happy, enthusiastic people does result in BIG, amazing, sun-shiney things! You are an inspiration. Enjoy a kombucha martini deserve to celebrate this revolution. ~Marilene

  5. Sondi says:

    Telpner world domination!!! So excited to see all of this great press. It’s well-deserved. Soon I’ll be able to say, ‘I knew her when…’

  6. Linda Freed says:

    Wow the TV interview on the Global Morning Show is perfect Meghan! There are the hosts talking about pooping – doesn’t get any better than that. Well it does when you start following the UnDiet, but they did such a good interview, you conveyed just enough interesting information, and of course looked fabulously full of vibrant health!

  7. Ricki says:

    Mega (or should that be “Meghan”!!) congrats!! I know how hard you have worked on this over the years and it’s so wonderful to see everything coming to fruition for you. What a great message you are putting out to the world, too! Can’t wait to get my copy and be inspired. :)

  8. Katya says:

    CONGRATS, Meghan!!! I am thrilled for your success – may it be one of many many more to come! Thank you for gifting us all with your inspiration, knowledge and love for living well. Keep on rocking, girl!

  9. ShannonC says:

    Wowie! You are on fire! So so so happy for you!

  10. Jen @ Existential Evolution says:

    You go girl! Your book is an amazing resource for anyone regardless of where they’re at in their health and wellness journey.

  11. ashley says:

    just so proud
    love being able to watch your journey
    you inspire me daily xo

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