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UnDiet Living In Action: Meet Shannon


Undoubtedly, the best part of our job is hearing all the amazing success stories from readers who hop on the shiny, vibrant living health train.  We will be featuring some of our most inspiring success stories from the UnDiet world- we'll be calling it the "UnDiet Living in Action".  Shannon C, or as we call her around here, @ShanDMC, is inspiration personified. She's taking the UnDiet mantra to the next level- read all about her journey below.

Meet Shannon

In January 2012, I was introduced to Meghan and the UnDiet Revolution when I took part in The Fab Uplift Detox. The program was a gift to myself at a time when I needed to make a change in how I ate, but wasn’t quite sure how to do that. The experience left me empowered and eager to embark further on the path to better health.

Like so many, this desire for change was the result of a health crisis. In spring 2011, my doctor warned that I was on the path to a stroke because of high blood pressure—something no one, let alone a 32 year old, wants to hear! I had been living a high-stress, constantly on the go life where I was running dangerously on empty and putting myself last. My doctor’s words were a wake up call. I slowed down, eliminated stress, and made myself a priority—something so simple yet often neglected for a million inexcusable reasons. I made progress in reclaiming my health, but real change came when I embraced the philosophy behind UnDiet.  My blood pressure improved drastically (to that of a teenager!), I began to feel more alive inside and out, and shed an almost effortless 50 pounds. It has truly been a game-changing experience.

Why UnDiet Rocks My World

UnDiet rocks my world because it’s realistic, inspiring, and empowers me to continue on this path to health. Meghan lays out the good, bad, and ugly in a way that’s easy to understand and offers the stepping stones needed to start or re-energize your journey. She does this without preaching or scolding. Meghan’s your own personal cheerleader from beginning to end (and beyond in this awesome community) and let’s be real, sometimes you just need someone in your corner who believes in you. When you break the rules and question what society says is healthy, you get a lot of feedback and some of it is negative, even if it comes from a good place. It helps to have someone, who has been there, genuinely believing in you.

The Greatest UnDiet Lesson Learned

By embracing an UnDiet lifestyle, I’ve learned to embrace my body. I’ve let go of wasted energy spent dwelling on what I’m not and in comparing. This was a powerful, liberating realization that I hope others also experience. While I’m working my way to a healthier weight, the journey feels a little easier because I’ve embraced myself and the skin I live in. Being mindful of what I fuel my body with plays a huge role in this. When you give your body what it needs and deserves, you feel and see the benefits.  Things fall into place. I was reminded of this recently while on the UnDiet Retreat. I spent a week eating an array of delicious meals—so delicious that I went back for seconds on more than one occasion. I indulged and yet came home 10 pounds lighter because I gave my body clean, wholesome food.

My UnDiet Tip for Others

If you experience a less than stellar moment with clean and wholesome eating, don’t be afraid to get back up and keep going. While I’ve made some awesome changes in my life over the past 15 months, I am human and do encounter challenges from time-to-time. To refocus, I step back, breathe, plan, and keep going. Sometimes I visit one of my favourite raw restaurants to nourish myself and find inspiration. While there I think about my game plan. What favourite recipes can I make ASAP? What do I need? Planning is key to helping us live healthy, vibrant lives. It’s also fun to look at all the awesome possibilities clean, wholesome foods have. Focus on the positive. Just keep trying. You’ll get it!

Has UnDieting change your life? Drop us a line- we'd love to feature your story here on the blog and share the love.

10 Responses to “UnDiet Living In Action: Meet Shannon”

  1. Ami L said…
    Way to go Shannon! Glad you are feeling great and you are looking fab :)
    • Shannon C said…
      Thank you so much Ami! So sweet of you to leave a note.
  2. Lili said…
    Very happy for you Shannon! It was great doing the detox with you. You are a great cheerleader!!
    • Shannon C said…
      Aww thank you Lili!I really appreciate your kind words :)
  3. christacollie said…
    Love you girl!!! I am so inspired and encouraged by you, but also extremely proud of you! You ahve worked so hard and it truly shows. There is such a joyful glow in your face, and in how you are approaching all things UnDiet. Great post!
    • Shannon C said…
      Thank you so much for your sweet note, lovely! It means oh so much. You've been right alongside me during my UnDiet journey and I've loved that!
  4. Marilene said…
    Shannon, What a great post and what an honour it has been to take part in the Fab Detox with you (on twitter). You are always enthusiastic and positive and I'm so happy to see it has paid off. You are such an inspiration!
    • Shannon C said…
      Thank you so very much for your super sweet words, Marilene!
  5. Lorne said…
    Way to go girl! And thank you for sharing your story, you are inspiring. I love your down to earth, realistic view to improving your health.
    • Shannon C said…
      Thanks Lorne! I really appreciate that you read my story and your kind words :)

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