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Take A Happy Pill


Once again I have been reminded that all the world’s a pharmacy. Remember last Spring how I made a whole big whopper of a deal about My Green Thumb? I had gone to Kensington market, picked out some beautiful herbs...

Herb shopping in Kensington Market

And rode home with them in the back basket of Betty.

Well, what I didn’t mention is that by the time I got home, the soil had spilled out, they’d been bumped and jiggled across downtown and were a little worse for ware. Given the fact that I actually, and shamefully have no green thumb whatsoever, it was no surprise that my East facing window, sweetly shaded by another brick building, was not going to sustain the life of these plants. In my last ditch attempt, I packed them up and drove them three hot hours north to my cottage where I planted them in front of my cabin. It was a  bit of a set-it-and-forget-it kind of deal.

But then it happened! I came up this June and the plants came back too! Alive and well. Powerful little herbs they are. So why do I love nature? Because nature shows us what we need! If we are tried out, feeling worse for wear, we need herbs like these that will stand the test of time, that will rejuvenate themselves, bring themselves back to life and come back stronger and hardier than before!

What was in my garden?  Lemon balm, peppermint, oregano and thyme. All nervous system supportive, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, soothing and hearty. I’ll take some of that in my tea please after a long hard year of work, work, work!

I got a little ambitious and by the end of the weekend, inspired by my hearty herbs (or maybe all the teas I had been drinking with them), I went into town, bought a few more plants and made a real herb garden!


Gardening #2

The best herbs for us, during the summer when our body likes to be more active but also soak in the sun, relax and vacation are the herbs that soothe and replenish our nervous system and strengthen immune function for the coming season. Often we wait until we are in the throws of stress to take action on such supportive measures, but why not take it on when we are a little calmer too? Taking these sweet precautions acts to reset some patterns in the body, really get to work on rebuilding and supporting proper function, deepening our sleep and thus increasing healing and repair.

So easy right? So grab your garden herbs, add them to your food, brew some sweet herbal infusion teas. And if that is unrealistic for you, then get your supplements!

We know I am not a massive supplement pusher. I like to get my medicine from the food I eat. But I also know that to heal and repair quickly, we sometimes need some therapeutic interventions to build the goods up in our tissues. That’s where this awesome-town new product comes in: Veeva!

Michael Murray wrote in his book What Pharmaceutical Companies Won’t Tell You, and What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know, “ No pill will dramatically change your circumstances in life”. It is, however, true that some natural remedies can help you cope with current circumstances so that you might be able to change said circumstances.

Why do I heart Veeva? Because Veeva takes advantage of ancient herbs as well as newly discovered nutrients and powerful spices to help us cope a wee bit better with the way things are so that we can feel like lemon balm, busting up through earth full of life giving vitality!

This happiness supportive concoction includes:

  • Lemon balm extract: an indispensable ally in finding serenity and well-being in everyday life.
  • Ashwagandha: helps you focus on the happy aspects of your life and has been proven to reduce anxiety.
  • Rhodiola: shown to promote mental performance and endurance during times of stress.
  • Theanine (Green Tea extract): Theanine has been show to promote healthy mood balance and relaxation.
  • Choline and Inositol: help ensure proper brain and stress response function.
  • 5-HTP: helps promote healthy mood balance.
  • Allspice, Cloves, Cinnamon: exceptionally strong at reducing inflammation in tissues, critical to preventing brain cell damage from stress, anxiety or mood swings.

All awesome-town herbs to let the happiness shine in.

Question of the day: what are some of the things you do in your life that bring you happiness?

54 Responses to “Take A Happy Pill”

  1. Hayley said…
    I would love to win Veeva because I've suffered from really bad depression my entire life, and so far nothing has helped...
  2. Hayley said…
    I am in your Facebook group
  3. Lauren said…
    I follow you on Twitter (@sheisarunner)
  4. Lauren said…
    I follow Veeva on twitter (@sheisarunner)
  5. Lauren said…
    Things that bring me happiness: -My beautiful family and friends -My cat who wakes me up every morning by bonking me on the head...and sleeps on my back every night. He has the funniest personality. -Cooking/uncooking good food that strengthens my body, nourishes me, and doesn't make me feel sick. -Running, spinning, yoga, pilates -Sunshine Basically, the simple things that we all love but don't always take time to appreciate.
  6. Terri Kendall said…
    I love an early morning run. It brings me peace for the day.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      I'll see your run and raise you a walk Terri. But I hear you! And thanks for joining the happy fun everyone! I love your lists. I think I might compile them for a post all it's own. Really shows how it truly is the simple things that keep us smiling. I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!
  7. Sarah said…
    Seems every day is hit and miss around here - some days it's blue skies and rainbows, other days its stormy seas!! I'm loving your natural approach to living too.
  8. Sarah said…
    I follow you and Veeva on Twitter and I've liked your FB page... @jo_jo_ba
  9. cher said…
    i put the contest on my blog!
  10. Margaret said…
    Yes, I am a Facebook fan and I posted about the Two Girls Cooking at: Thanks for all your inspiration.

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