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Watching Green Things Grow



Day 3 of the Green Smoothie Cleanse and then we are home free. No problem right?

During a cleanse, I always feel like everything in my life moves just a little bit slower- or maybe that I move a little slower. I mean this in the best possible way. I chill out a bit, focus a little more on what’s going on inside and take a little more time to observe what is going on around me. And do you know what is going on around me?

My plants are growing! Like seriously growing.

I was so nervous about this little garden that I planted and as I look over at them right now and can see that they are all growing on a 45 degree angle- trying their darndest to break free from their spot on the window ledge and get outside into the open sunshine.

The most magical growing I have observed however has been from the plants I am growing from seed.

I layered some potting soil into a plastic container leftover from organic greens. I then sprinkled in a handful of seeds and then lay another layer of potting soil over top. I watered them generously, covered with the top of the package and left to sit. Mostly I let them sit on my kitchen counter which is warmer than by the window and then one morning I woke up and they had popped up from the soil. I am probably way too excited about this but it really was pretty cool that from a little seed came the start of a cilantro plant, basil plant, and parsley plant. Cool beans!


I also decided that I would try sprouting from soil. I was on the hunt for pea seeds as pea shoots are undoubtedly my favourite. I couldn’t find any, but did find some sunflower seeds to sprout (sprout them in the shell and they must be organic- meaning non-irradiated).

These ones sprouted up and were so cute I was one step away from naming these little guys. Never in my whole life did I think I would get so excited over sprouts (and we know I love sprouts). I may be one step closer to the Birkenstocks and Patchouli oil- but as long my watering can matches my wardrobe I feel I am safe from total hippie-ville.



And here is the herbal goodness I have already harvested from my window-ledge herb garden.


All of these fresh herbs sure would be delicious on my  Gluten-Free Pizza or perhaps mixed in with my Vegetable Veggie Burgers. Once the cleanse is done, I will  be back in my kitchen, playing with all these fresh herbs.

Until then, I will simply take it slow.

9 Responses to “Watching Green Things Grow”

  1. Judy said…
    I love your blog! I am a Registsered Holistic Nutritionist too, and I loved reading your previous posts about St. Lucia, and your 'dream' board. Also, I like drinking the fire water (with a little stevia) but I suppose it is an acquired taste.
  2. Cindy said…
    so love your little seedlings... and I feel pretty high energy! didn't expect that but look what we are "eating" I love your "dream board" idea and might create my own! Thanks for such a great week!
  3. Jennifer R. said…
    Meghan, I am LOVING this! Thank you for offering this service (Green Smoothie Cleanse) to those that are far away (I'm in Virginia)!! The hardest part is figuring out what smoothie to make :) Another plus is I've lost a few pounds. Thanks a bunch!
  4. republicofhealth said…
    Good looking sun flower sprouts. That is one of my favorite raw foods. Keep up the good work.
  5. dreaminitvegan said…
    Pea shoots sound so great to grow, I'll have to add that one to my garden. I'm hoping that I can do the next green cleanse with everyone.
  6. Coconutgal said…
    Hi girlie! I want to plant sunflower and pea shoots!! You make it sound so easy :-) Hope the cleanse went well, been rooting you on the whole time, well done!!
  7. Jill said…
    I know how excited you get about your little seedlings ! I do too !! And I never get tired of it. It's always a miracle to see those tiny little shoots when they first appear, and then the magical way they grow so quickly and so big from a tiny seed all with just water and light and perhaps a little bit of soil . I honestly think of mine as little babies ! How corny is that ? Isn't gardening wonderful !! Thanks for your idea of a vision board and your fantastic example. I'm going to give it a try !! And I really love the explanation of why to take lemon and cayenne on a morning. I'm so much more likely to do something if I know why I'm doing it. As ever, great posts and great blog.
  8. elain said…
    ok... i didn't 'smoothly' make it to day three...but I stayed raw and green... just couldn't take one more smooshy drink meal, so i saladed my ingredients instead... bonus was I lost about three pounds... all in all, an excellent start to a new eating regime.

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