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Why Cleanse?


Despite the fact that I eat incredibly clean, healthy food, with only a few exceptions, I do still cleanse regularly (like this Sunday!), at least with every change of season.

Eating a healthful diet definitely reduces the levels of toxins we absorb into our body, however, we still absorb a lot of crap from our environment. We are exposed to things like tobacco, pesticides food additives, cosmetic and hygiene products, cleaning products, environmental pollution and even negative thoughts.

We benefit from a cleanse physiologically, aesthetically and spiritually.

Physiological Benefits:

  • Neutralize and remove toxins from the body that build up and slowly build illness and disease.
  • Disease builds in an acid body environment. For the most part, diets high in fruits and vegetables and other whole foods are alkalinizing.
  • Body cleansing has also been helpful in resolving the suffering from several diseases including autoimmune diseases, inflammatory conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome, and digestive disorders, as well as heart disease and other degenerative diseases of excess.
  • The majority of diseases in Western society are diseases of excess- eating and drinking too much. It therefore becomes highly beneficial to give the digestive system a rest.
  • Cleansing the body of wastes and toxins that slow us down, will result in an increase in energy.

Aesthetic Benefits:

  • A health supportive cleansing routine will result in a light weightloss, mainly from the removal of toxins that have been building up and stored in the fat cells of our body.
  • Lose some of the bloat that is caused by alcohol, yeast and sugar.
  • The skin will both look and feel healthier.
  • Post cleanse we smell delicious (may not be as yummy going through it)

Spiritual Benefits:

  • Cleansing the body of unnecessary waste coincides with ridding the mind of harmful, unnecessary thoughts.
  • When we nourish the body with life giving, high vibrational live food, we are displacing the acid and negativity with positive life force.
  • The body is cleansed from the by-products of a destructive diet while the spirit is cleansed from useless habits and addictions.
  • We become more internally focused as we quiet down and relax our schedules. We realize how little we actually need in our lives in terms of food, stimulation and distractions to feel well and content.
  • The positive way in which our self-confidence grows as we exercise a powerful will.
  • Depending on what our diets were like pervious to the cleanse, often as the fat melts away and the toxins that have been stored within our fat cells are removed from our body through the various elimination organs, our minds begin to calm and we can move into a deeper meditative state.

11 Responses to “Why Cleanse?”

  1. Robin said…
    Ok, I just signed up! I'm excited but a little nervous :)
  2. Coconutgal said…
    It was so lovely to speak with you! I am signed up and stoked to hear all your goodies of info during the cleanse and will keep you updated on my modified version. I am happy that I get to support you by registering as well. Now you can put a voice to my photo :-D Again, it was so nice to talk! I'm excited for the cleanse, whoop whoop!
  3. Ricki said…
    Fabulous info. I'd never thought of it that way--that most N. American diseases are connected to excess food/drink--but so true!
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  5. Janell Yannis said…
    I do agree on the importance of colon cleansing, I started after watching a segment on Oprah and have really noticed a difference. I don't feel as sluggish as I did before, and have lost a few pounds too. I used the 'green drink' recipe found here: Tasted pretty decent and was easy to make :)
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  10. Alex said…
    Meghan, I'd like to do the cleanse, but I'm about to get my period...should I wait until after? Thanks! Alex

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