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Brewing Sun Tea


Happy Monday my loverly lovers. Had a most beautiful weekend up at my cottage- with a sweet visit from my main man. I have been out in the woods now for 10 days and it is sweet as sweet can be. Did you catch my pics from Friday? One of these days, I may need to wage a battle between my hair and a comb- but until then, I'll keep playing.

Summers up here, three hours North/East of Toronto are a bit of a nutritionist's playground. Similar to how I feel about St. Lucia in the winter, this is where I get to play outside, eat wild strawberries on my morning walk,  pick fresh herbs from my little garden and collect medicinal plants to dry out out for later use. For me- this is my idea of fun. The bestest hippie fun I could ever dream of!

Given that we get such a small amount of time in Canada with hot, hot sun, I do my very best to be in or around it as much as possible. In my Smoothie and Juice class I talk about how green juice is as close as we can get to drinking the energy from the sun. It's true.

This got me thinking about how else we might be able to consume the super powers of the sun, which landed me on the idea to brew up some sun tea.

Sun tea is like regular tea but so much milder. You use the direct heat of the sun to warm up and brew your tea. Without boiling the water for a quick brew as we normally do, you let the heat from the sun gently warm your tea for a sweet slow and mild brew.

Now rumour has it, that sun tea brews at an ideal temp to grow all kinds of bacteria- so my dear friends, please sterilize your container first.

I recommend brewing whatever is growing locally in your garden- mint, lemon balm, St. John's Wort, raspberry leaf. The best best herb to brew is the one at closest reach.

It's that simple, and that fun. A little something new to try out on this sunny Summer Monday! Enjoy!!!

Sun Tea Brewing Directions

  1. Wash and sterilize a clear container thoroughly with hot water and soap.
    Sun tea steeps at an ideal temperature for bacterial growth, so clean that container. I used a glass pitcher.
  2. Fill the container with 4 cups of cold water. Some sources say to use the most purified water you can find. I used the purest water I could find. Fresh spring water which is likely ready and able to bacterial growth but hey- I'm still alive!
  3. Add 5 tea bags, 5 tsps of loose tea or about 1/3 cup fresh herbs. 
  4. Cover the container securely- if you have a container with a glass lid, you can use that. I used a paper towel as I wanted to make sure air could circulate.
  5. Place the container in direct sunlight for at least two hours.
  6. Pour into mugs to drink warm, mixed with a little raw honey (anti-microbial if you're the least bit afraid), or pour over ice to enjoy it chilled.
  7. Drink all the tea within a few hours or keep in the fridge to save for later.
Now that's what I call hippie fun! Come back tomorrow where I'll be taking you on a field trip to the place we commonly refer to as "Away". Ooooh- the suspense!
Question Of The Day: What is something you love to make but only do in the summer?

One Response to “Brewing Sun Tea”

  1. My hippie roommate brewed sun tea in our dorm room freshman year... she was cool. I'm pretty sure I was the only one on our floor who thought so... :) It's yummy! xo

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