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You So Flexi Little Miss Lexi!


You have no idea how excited I was to hear all about my sweet, soft spoken, and randomly hilarious intern Alexa's (who goes by the stage name "FlexiLexi" first ever experience teaching a cooking workshop. Last weekend, back home to Ottawa she went to share her mad skills with her friends and fam. When her pics started popping up on Facebook, I was excited for her. I couldn't wait for her to share her experience with all of you. Enjoy!- Meghan

I thought all my dreams had come true when I got accepted as an intern here at Meghan Telpner Inc., but then came along the CNE program.

The Culinary Nutrition Expert program has given me all the tools, confidence, and inspiration I need to coach others on the wonders of whole foods, along with three capital letters on my resume so that people can now take me seriously. After all the research papers and meal plans (seriously, am I really not a nutritionist yet?), we finally got to the assignment we had all been anxiously waiting for: the presentation.

So, with my brand spankin’ new dehydrator in hand, I flew home to Ottawa for the weekend to present “Get Flexi With Lexi: Adopting A Flexitarian Lifestyle”. Four of my closest friends and my supportive grandma were my audience, and my couldn’t-have-done-any-of-this-without-you mother was my assistant and photographer (I love it when the roles are reversed).

I don’t mean to brag, but the atmosphere I had a going on was pretty dang impressive. I had a fire going, I offered some dill pickle kale chips as a little snack, and was dressed like a hippie kook (it’s part of the brand). After all, I have learned from the best. I had Sheryl Crow playing in the background reminding me that ‘all I wanna do is have some fun’...and that I did. It was a huge success!

I started off a little shaky, this being my first time and all. Also the fact that I was talking about myself and how I got here to people who already knew that seemed a little silly. But once I got going, and my alter ego ‘Flexi Lexi’ took over, I was in my zone.

I was milking my nut sack, I was soaking quinoa, I was making raw chocolate- I was talking about things that I didn’t even know I had stored up there in my plant-based brain. The food was fabulous, everyone learned a lot, and now I already have 3 workshops lined up for when I get back. Like a true professional!

It is hard to describe the overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment that came over me after my workshop was finished. This workshop is what I have been dreaming about since I learned that vegetables are healthy for you (I think I was three?).

The CNE program is the right choice for anyone who wants to preach to the world what their food philosophy is and learn all the professional, creative, and business tools that go along with it. This experience has been life changing, and Meghan...I think it is time to set me free :)

I don't wanna let you go. So let's dance party together!

Question Of The Day: How do you say flexi in your own life (meaning- how do you make your own rules that rock your world)?

7 Responses to “You So Flexi Little Miss Lexi!”

  1. Joanne said…
    What a wonderful post. I am so proud of you Lexi. Ottawa will be so lucky to have you back. Good luck with all your future endeavors.
  2. Love it! Looks like you did an amazing job, Alexa! You're going to be a great CNE :) xo
  3. Anna said…
    So proud of you Lex! You're such an amazingly talented gal, I'm so excited to see where this passion takes you next!! Don't forget about us when you make it big time ;) xoxo
  4. Karen said…
    Please let us know when you will be hosting workshops in Ottawa ... Making Love in the Kitchen Ottawa Style is long overdue :)
  5. Patsy Telpner said…
    Congratulations Alexa. Who knew out of the quiet girl from Ottawa would evolve such a dynamic, talented nutritionista. Good luck with all your future endeavours.
  6. Odelia said…
    Hey Alexa, this is Major!!! Please come back to T.O. and do some Flexi spots. I am your groupie forever...You have such a cool, laid back and supportive personality. Perfect for helping people reach their healthy best. :o) Ahhh, having separation anxiety... Love, Odelia
  7. Jill Tryansky said…
    So proud of you flexi lexi! I will be attending your next workshop in Ottawa!

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