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Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

  • Author: Meghan Telpner
  • Total Time: 25 mins
  • Yield: 12 cups 1x


  • 2 100gram bars dark chocolate, roughly chopped – 70% or greater (or 1 cup unsweetened or bittersweet dairy-free bakers chocolate)
  • 1/2 cup almond butter (smooth or crunchy depending on your preference)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract, or 1 tsp fresh vanilla bean
  • Pinch sea salt (plus more if you want to sprinkle on top)
  • 3 Tbsp arrowroot or tapioca flour, or more if needed
  • 2 Tbsp cacao nibs (optional)


  1. Create a double boiler by filling one larger pot with water and placing a smaller one inside. Make sure no water gets into the inside pot as this will turn the melting chocolate.
  2. Add about 1/3 of the chocolate into the small pot and stir as it melts.
  3. Once melted, pour into 12 muffin liners. You may wish to place the liners into a muffin tin for added support.
  4. Chill the tin in the fridge or freezer, until the chocolate has hardened a little (about 10 minutes).
  5. Mix together the almond butter, salt, vanilla, arrowroot flour and optional cacao nibs until the consistency is such that you can form little round doughy balls. You may need more arrowroot flour but best to add 1 Tbsp at a time to be sure.
  6. Make 12 small ‘patties’ and place on the chocolate base in the muffin liners.
  7. Melt the remaining chocolate and pour into the cups, covering the almond butter.
  8. You may wish to sprinkle sea salt or cacao nibs on top.
  9. Keep in fridge or freezer and best to hide way at the back.
  • Prep Time: 25 mins