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Here at Meghan Telpner Inc we love hearing from you, but we aren't always able to answer your questions. Please review the following:

Product, Brand or Specific Nutrition Question?

Though we are very wise around here, Meghan doesn't have opinions or research on every beauty product, protein powder, or ingredient in the healthfood store. If you have a specific question and are curious Meghan's thoughts, here's what you can do:

  1. Use the search bar up at the top of the site and key in what you're looking for. If Meghan has covered it, you'll find her answer.
  2. Google the topic and add "+ Meghan Telpner". This will help you find out of she's covered it on her site or anywhere else on the internet.
  3. Still no luck, best to use Google and start digging in and doing your own research.
** If you are unable to find an answer using steps 1 or 2 above, please refrain from emailing us your question as we won't have a thorough answer for you.**

Looking to purchase a specific product mentioned in a blog post or in one of Meghan's books?

  • Call your local healthfood store
  • Google it - you'll likely find it on Amazon or with another health food or product supplier.
Before you send your message, please note that we are unable to offer nutritional advice or recommendations through email. Make sure you check out our FAQ page here first, though, because the answer to your Q might be awaiting you already!

need to talk to SOMEONE?

Email: hello@meghantelpner.com (Email is the best way to get in touch for the quickest response.) Call: Toll-free phone: 1(855)-558-0233 Speaking Inquiries, Editorial/Interview Requests, Media and Sponsorships email ashley@meghantelpner.com Call: 1(855)-558-0233 ext. 703 Summit Guest Request Please review this info first, and complete the form Curious About Meghan's School? Check out Academy of Culinary Nutrition or email  info@culinarynutrition.com

Old School Mail + Deliveries

26 Noble Street, Unit 6 Toronto, ON M6K 2C9 We LOVE receiving awesome products in the mail, but we kindly ask that you check in with us first to ensure it is something we will want and use.