6 Alternative Ways to Use Nut Milk Bags

We love our nut milk bags – or nut sacks as we sometimes like to call them (we can’t be mature grown-ups all the time).

But did you know there are a multitude of other ways you can use your nut milk bag? It truly is a versatile kitchen tool and a handy helper. Here are some of the ways we put our nut milk bags to work.

 Alternative Ways To Use Your Nut Milk Bag

How to Sprout

1. Sprouting

Sprouts are an incredibly healthful food that gives us a boost of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. You don’t need to be a scientist to make sprouts – they’re easy and cheap to make at home.

Simply add a tablespoon of sprouting seeds to your nut milk bag, then place it in a mason jar filled with water. After 8 hours or overnight, drain and rinse your seeds, dump the water out the mason jar, and let the nut milk bag hang in the jar, leaving a few inches between the bottom of the sack and the bottom of the jar (for a visual, check out this quick vid about sprouting).

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Green Juice - No Blender

2. Straining Green Juice

You don’t need a juicer to make green juice – you can use your regular ‘ol blender instead. Simple blend your ingredients together with water – we like a mix of greens, celery, ginger, lemon and parsley – and then squeeze through your nut milk bag, just like when you’re making nut milk. Presto! Instant green juice ready for drinking.

Fermented Nut Cheese

3. Making Nut Cheese

Using a nut milk bag to strain the liquid from your nut cheese yields a thick, creamy texture that replicates animal-based soft cheeses. Simply spoon your nut milk mixture into your nut milk bag, then pop it in a strainer or sieve and set the sieve in a bowl to capture any liquid that drains off. For a complete recipe and instructions, check out this delicious cinnamon cherry fermented nut cheese.

cover kombucha with nut milk bag

4. Covering Kombucha While it Brews

Ever made your own kombucha? If you haven’t, you must – and here’s a handy tutorial to help you. While you’re waiting for your kombucha to ferment (and it takes awhile!), use your nut milk bag to cover the top of the jars and secure with a rubber band.

5. As a Fly Protector

Going on a picnic this summer? Take a nut sack or two along with you, as it can help protect your food from flies and other little buggers from stealing your delicious foods. This trick also works well at home if you’re dining in your backyard, balcony or patio.

Making Ghee

6. Straining Ghee

Your nut milk bag is a great option for straining homemade ghee. Since the mesh in most nut milk bags is quite fine, you can ensure you get rid of all of the milk solids.

Nut Milk

If you want to learn to use a nut milk bag the old fashioned way (you know, by making actual nut milk), check out our free Sample Culinary Nutrition Class.