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Product Recommendations or Product Searches:

  • Please review Meghan’s blog and see if she has already reviewed the product.
  • We do not sell any food products. Most of the ingredients Meghan mentions can likely be found at your local supermarket. You may wish to inquire at your local health food store, try Amazon or your favourite online retailer.

Recipe Modifications:

  • We can only guarantee results for recipes as they are written on Meghan’s blog or in her books. If you are looking to modify a blog recipe, please review the comments section on that post and see if others have asked similar questions that have been answered.

Crohn’s Disease Sufferer or in need of health advice?

  • If you’re seeking health advice, please note that Meghan does not provide consultations. We cannot respond with personalized recommendations. Please review this post Meghan wrote outlining her healing journey.
  • If you’re seeking a one-on-one consultation, please contact our partner nutritionist and functional medicine specialist, Josh Gitalis.

Want More Learning? 

  • If you’re interested to learn more about culinary nutrition and Meghan’s other courses, please visit the Academy of Culinary Nutrition for more information.

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