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Today Is The Day Podcast: Episode Recaps and Why You Love It!


In my last 10+ years of running a business, the excitement of launching new projects always comes with a bit of nervousness. Will people respond to what I’m offering? Will they pay attention? Will they care? Will they love it? Or will they ignore it? For a couple of years now, I’ve received requests to start a podcast and dragged my heels. I wondered if there was too much noise in the space and wasn’t sure how we could set ourselves apart. But as soon as Josh and I started recording the Today Is The Day Podcast, we knew we were on to something special.

Cooking and eating has become very confusing for many of you. Our aim with the podcast is to help you cut through the clutter, simplify what it takes to achieve optimal health, empower you to become your own best health expert – have a lot of fun along the way!

Josh and I are so grateful for the outpour of support we have received about the Today Is The Day podcast. From the in-person launch party we threw in Toronto to the comments you’ve been sending by email and via social media, we’ve been blown away by your many kind words and appreciation for what we’ve shared. We’re dancing-on-the-ceiling happy that the podcast is resonating with you.

In case you haven’t had a chance to catch up on the episodes that have aired, this quick recap will give you the goods of what you’ve missed, why you may want to listen, and how you can download some free stuff!

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Today Is The Day Podcast: Episode Recaps

Today is the Day podcast

What We Talk About: How Josh and I manage our day-to-day lives and maintain a happy, healthy home.

Why You Want to Listen: Learn how to build harmony in your home every day – plus a fun song to help with conflict!

Episode Bonus: House Rules Printable

“Can I just say THANK you for this podcast ❤️❤️❤️ Soooo amazing – so authentic, I feel like I’m sitting in your living room having a conversation with you both – so much love and gratitude for all of your knowledge and your willingness to share. ✨🙏🏻✨” – Nikki Leigh McKean

Today is the Day podcast

What We Talk About:  The fundamental practices of detoxing, the best foods, herbs and supplements for detoxing and how we can best support our five channels of elimination.

Why You Want to Listen: Josh and I cut through the detox clutter to help you understand what it means to detox diet and how you can do it safely.

Episode Bonus: Everyday Detox Protocol

“Loved this detox podcast. Really great information in a motivating format. When you talk about specific ideas and recipes, it makes me want to go try them immediately!” – Kathryn Simkins

how to eat healthy on a budget

What We Talk About:  The foods that are simultaneously very nutritious and easy on your wallet, budget considerations, how to reduce food waste and how you can easily grow you own food (even indoors!) at home.

Why You Want to Listen: We challenge the belief that it is expensive to eat healthfully and show you how to eat well on a budget.

Episode Bonus: Budget Eating Cheat Sheet

“What a wonderful and helpful podcast, I like the fact that it contains practical advice I can put into action right away. The two of you are such entertaining hosts, keep up the great work.” – Debra Beattie

Today is the day podcast

What We Talk About:  Meghan shares her Crohn’s story, the factors that trigger autoimmune diseases, the intersectional factors that can help heal, and an overview of healing diets and foods.

Why You Want to Listen: Meghan and Josh debunk the common misconception that once diagnosed, there isn’t much you can do.

Episode Bonus: Autoimmune Protocol Tips + Health Resume


“Thanks for the great podcast and the inspiration to keep going with my health journey! I have tried many things and have been to many alternative health care practitioners. I LOVED the idea of a Health Resume to jot down everything I’ve gone through.” – Ann

How to stop being fooled by the label

What We Talk About:  Why labels are hard to understand, the definition of healthwashing, what label you should focus on, and our hierarchy for selecting food.

Why You Want to Listen: Learn how to decode what all those nutrition labels and health claims really mean so that you will never again be fooled by the label.

Episode Bonus: Label Cheat Sheet

“I love this podcast SO much!! Thank you for such great information about confusing labels. Keep them coming!!” – Eva Jolene

Today is the day

What We Talk About: How to access true superfoods and which ones to consider adding to your diet – plus the debut of a new jingle!

Why You Want to Listen: Superfoods don’t need to come in packages from faraway lands. Learn what the real food superheroes are that are affordable and can easily be part of an everyday diet.

Episode Bonus: True Superfood Recipes

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