Chocolate Cherry Chia Bread

This gluten-free and vegan chocolate cherry chia bread has the texture and a little bit of the flavour of a sprouted bread (according to the testers I asked). But it’s a little sweeter, a cross between a date bar and a banana bread. It’s great on its own, but would be lovely with some nut butter smeared on there and a few slices of fresh banana, too.

And it’s not terribly sweet and indulgent, either. The only refined sugar is found in the small amount of semi-sweet chocolate chips. You can leave those out…but do you really want to? Use an organic brand with just a few ingredients and you’re golden – or try using raw cacao nibs for that chocolate-y taste.

The squares will keep at room temperature for a few days, but are better stored in the fridge and then brought to room temperature to serve in the warmer months. You could freeze them in individual portions and defrost them later – but really, I don’t think they’ll be around long enough for it to matter.