In Their Own Words: Culinary Nutrition Experts Review Their Experience

Do you have a strong desire for change? It’s feeling like a reinvention of our home life, our health habits and, in many cases, our careers, are at the forefront these days. What we teach at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition isn’t new or novel or trend-based. Our curriculum is proven, and our philosophy continues to stand the test of time. Yes, everything we teach can be found in books and online but to really apply change, to learn and grow, integrate that information and create that change, you want that information intelligently organized with a guided program. The cashew icing on that gluten-free cake is getting to learn and experience it all in a like-minded community.

That is what we offer, why we are different than other programs, and why we continue to attract incredible people from around the world.

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is an educational experience that has the potential to positively impact your personal life, career, health, and family. But it’s best to hear what our graduates are saying about the program directly from them!

Our global community of over 2,100 graduates have taken the leap and invested in themselves by joining us. We’ve had graduates use their culinary nutrition knowledge to:

  • begin a new career
  • start a side hustle
  • practice self-care
  • help their families
  • improve their own health

They’ve discovered that their personal and professional lives have bloomed in more ways than they could ever have imagined. We’re sharing what some of our graduates have said about their experience in the program on their own blogs and websites, and how it has irrevocably changed their lives for the better.

As life is looking very different for most of us this year, we’ve been getting to know our students after they register to learn a little more about what motivated their decision. Many expressed the following sentiments, and perhaps you can relate to a few:

  • I am exhausted by doing everything for everyone else and really want to do something for ME.
  • I have a complicated health condition and have realized that it is up to me to take action to start feeling better.
  • I have resistance to being in the kitchen, but this program makes it look fun and I know it’s something I need to embrace.
  • I want something to look forward to that is productive towards completing a meaningful goal and that has no risk of being cancelled!
  • I now have uncertainty in my career, and this feels like it could provide both a possible back-up revenue option as well as improve my quality of life and my family’s.

Here is what some of our grads shared about their experience after taking the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program.

what our graduates are saying about the program

First Dive Into Nutrition and New Business

Best Awesome CNEs

Name: Shiru Macharia
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Class of: 2017

“I knew that I wanted to take a nutrition course but needed the practical part of creating delicious healthy food. I stumbled upon the Academy of Culinary Nutrition after doing extensive research online. I read it and instantly knew this was it! … Taking the Culinary Nutrition Expert program (CNE) was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health, family and business! It was intense, enlightening, challenging and enjoyable all at the same time!”


New Mom and Building On an Existing Business

Highlights from our CNE grads

Name: Randa Derkson
Location: Prince George, British Columbia
Class of: 2018

“If your gut is telling you to go with it, do it! I’m so glad I listened to mine. Yes, it’s tough but it is doable. Trust me, I did this with a 4-month-old infant while working full time. I’m a mom, I work, I get it.

Now I’m a Culinary Nutrition Expert and pushing my business in a new direction offering a membership club, a meal planning subscription, and custom meal plans. I couldn’t be more excited!

So do I think it’s worth it? YES!

Not only is this giving me the jumpstart for my business, it’s also helped with my health and postpartum recovery. Even if you have knowledge in the nutrition field already, I promise you will learn something.”


Creating a Side Hustle

what our culinary nutrition graduates are saying

Name: Melissa Torio
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Class of: 2016

“The program was really a leap for me. I have been in IT for many years and did not have any nutrition or culinary background at all. But enroll I did and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made, the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program truly changed my life.

The program was truly a worthwhile investment of time and money for me. I learned so much in such a short period of time. It empowered me to make better choices not just about food but about overall health as well. It gave me the knowledge and skills to take what I learned and share it with others.”


Get Certified

Career Change

what our graduates are saying about program

Name: Kristen Ciccolini
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Class of: 2016

“I believe that opportunities come into your life when you’re ready for them, and I came upon the Academy of Culinary Nutrition at a time where I was transitioning into a healthier lifestyle, was feeling oppressed by a very minimal work/life balance, and was ready for a big change.

I did my due diligence and looked around for comparable programs – but I kept coming back to the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. It had exactly what I wanted: comprehensive nutrition education, supportive instructors, and a focus on COOKING! Because knowledge is nothing if you can’t implement what you learn.

I LOVED their approach to nutrition. Their approach to the material made learning so fun and made the program super enjoyable.”


Building On A Career In The Fitness Industry

what our culinary nutrition graduates are saying

Name: Dusty Spiller
Location: Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Class of: 2015

“Since taking the course, I love being in the kitchen. I would say, cooking is one of my passions and it’s just nice not to have to rely on crappy, packaged foods from the grocery store. There are so many things you can do with what you learn in the course, and so many ways to make money from it.”


Personal Health, Family Health, and New Side Hustle

what our culinary nutrition graduates are saying

Name: Emily Roach
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Class of: 2016

“The #1 thing I came out with from this program is how important it is for us to take care of our health and let ourselves feel amazing… Plus, the skills I learned in the class has helped me learn how to do this without getting stressed out about planning my meals. Now it’s my job to help share this message by working with clients to help them learn how to bring real food back to their life.”


This is your year. You know that we know what we’re doing. That you can trust. And when you make an investment in yourself, it has a ricochet positive effect on everyone else around you. Remember, you don’t have to be in a bad place to improve your health, your career prospects, your future, or the next level of possibility in your life. Now is the time. Click here to learn more and join us.