How to Make Grilled Guacamole

There is a certain kind of excitement that comes with getting something new, whether it be a new pair of shoes, new gadget (like an iPad) or even a new favorite show on TV. For me, the excitement over our new grill is motivating me to put nearly everything I can think of on it, especially now that the summer season brings another kind of exciting news – amazing fruits and vegetables!

This enthusiasm over outdoor grilling led me to experiment with making grilled guacamole recently. Avocados are quite possibly my most favorite food and avocado season is upon us! These little bundles of joy contain phytosterols, good fats from plants that help control blood sugar, keep you feeling full longer and support cellular and cardio health.

Choosing avocados can be tricky and they do ripen quickly. They are firm when not quite ripe upon being gently squeezed and soften as they ripen. If they are too ripe, you’ll feel like you can put your thumb through the skin – not good. There are many varieties of avocados, but all generally follow this ‘soft when ripe’ rule. If you aren’t eating them right away, then choose a firmer avocado and let it ripen near your bananas for a day or two.

I love a delicious, fresh guacamole, but to add an authentically roasted flavour to it seemed like a perfect way to up the guac game. This grilled guacamole is the perfect complement to turkey burgers and it doubles as a tasty dip for grilled sweet potato fries. A 100% cooked outdoors meal – tastes great and keeps the heat out of the kitchen!

Grilling slightly changes the texture of avocados. If that does not appeal to you, then grill all the ingredients except the avocado and then add them to a bowl with (un-grilled) avocado and mash together for a still-delicious guacamole.

You could easily adapt this concept and make a grilled mango salsa or grill tomatoes and gluten-free bread for a twist on the traditional Italian tomato-bread salad. Other delicious grill-worthy foods include pineapple, peaches and even romaine. Grilling season does not have to mean burgers and hot dogs. The best of the earth tastes great on the grill, too.

How will you up your grilling game this summer? Share your inspiration in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!