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Castor Oil To Detox Your Life


Castor oil is amazing. A truly wonderous gem of a plant. No to mention how beautiful it is. See? Sweet right!

It is my go-to remedy for almost everything skin and immune related and can be viewed as an alternative to cortisone or antibiotic creams. The ricinoleic acid in castor oil prevents the growth of bacteria, yeast, and viruses. When I have joint pain anywhere, I rub it on the joints, if I have swollen glands, I massage it into neck/gland area, if I am feeling a little backed up- on to my belly it goes (massaged in a clockwise direction- the same direction stuff moves through the large intestine). With a cold or congestion, I'll mix in a little comfrey and eucalyptus and massage it into my chest. Be warned- it will stain your clothes so put on the old and uglies for this one.


Castor oil has many beneficial uses in health and beauty products as well as in industrial uses. It is however a master at the gentle detox. You know how we love the detoxers that require minimal effort. This is one you need to welcome into your life and here is why.

Taken Internally

  • Has a laxative effect (anyone who grew up in the West Indies, India or some South American countries will likely have vile memories of lining up with their siblings to take down a spoonful of this bitterness).
  • Helps the intestinal system with inflammatory bowels and dysentery.
  • It is said to increase the appetites of the ill.
  • Destroy mucous to cure runny noses and congestion.


  • A castor oil soaked bandage can remove swelling and infection from any wounds including ringworm, inflammation, and  sun burns.  (The best way to use this as a topical cream is to pre soak the infected area with Epsom salts to soften the skin, then wrap the area with a cotton cloth soaked in castor oil- worked like a charm when I burnt my arm this summer).
  • Castor seeds or roots boiled into a topical poultice are applied liberally to rheumatic and arthritic swellings.
  • Massaging the body with castor oil prior to a bath once a week will help the skin retain its natural healing properties as well as stimulate the body’s muscles and internal organs.

Rubbing castor oil on hands and feet at night will help maintain healthy and soft skin, as well as reduce callous and dry skin.

Castor Oil Packs

And at last, my great grand-diddy of healing practices- the Castor Oil Pack! Take a cotton flannel or cloth and soak with castor oil. Apply to the skin that you wish to detoxify or increase energy flow, cover with a little plastic and then lay on a hot water bottle or heat pack. Leave it on for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and just chillax while this is going down. Castor oil packs soaked through the skin and improve the body’s ability to assimilate nutrients, eliminate toxins, and stimulate circulation. The castor oil pack can be repeated many times, so the pack is not thrown away. This can be done daily, three times a week- whatever floats your boat.

20 Responses to “Castor Oil To Detox Your Life”

  1. Castor Oil To Detox Your Life: Castor oil is amazing. A truly wonderous gem of a plant. No to mention how beauti...
    • Sherry said… February 26, 2015
      I am on a detox and am suppose to take Castor oil internally. Someone said it should say on the bottle can take internally. It does not say that is it ok to take
  2. Tamara said… October 6, 2011
    I've been doing a Castor Oil Pack everyday over my liver to help detox my body from the evil estrogen I accumulated from taking the pill for so many years.
    • Dana said… October 6, 2011
      Ok, I have a silly question and I apologize if this has been gone over many times. But, is there a better method for birth control other than a pill, injection, or ring? Because condoms are not fun. Thanks!
  3. Great article, thanks! I'm transitioning my way into a gentle detox myself and I'm feeling great. My question is, where do you get castor oil? In the body section of a health food store? Thanks!
    • Erika said… October 6, 2011
      I found it at the local chain pharmacy in the isle where the laxatives are. (I'm in the United States).
  4. Monica said… October 6, 2011
    Meghan, seeing this post reminds me of how I found out about your awesome nutritionista-ness: from a castor oil article you wrote for the National Post. I don't mean this completely: but I kinda wish I needed to make a castor oil pack!! I use it as a 'massage' oil for my boobies to boost lymph circulation!
  5. Cool, I always wondered where castor oil came from!
  6. It's pretty sweet stuff, unless you're pregnant, lol. Will stimulate that babe to pop right on out, early or not. If the magic of castor oil doesn't convince peeps that a) botanical medicine works and b) what you put on your skin affects your insides, then I don't know what will!
  7. i <3 castor oil. so many amazing uses. great article by @meghantelpner that explains it all:
  8. Dana said… October 8, 2011
    I went out to get castor oil and the bottle says not to take internally. Are there two kinds of castor oil?
  9. Do you know how awesome castor oil is? Check this goodness out!
  10. I heart my castor oil pack! Check out these other uses for castor oil: via @meghantelpner
  11. Like a hug for your liver--->
  12. Nothing like a warm embrace! RT @meghantelpner: Like a hug for your liver--->
  13. vl said… June 7, 2012
    It worked for me after having rib and stomach pain for months. I actually felt it all break loose while massagi g the oil on my rib/stomach area.
  14. Hilary said… October 16, 2013
    Are there any common side effects of using castor oil to detox the liver? My doctor told me to do this every night in the 2nd have of my cycle to get rid of excess estrogen and I tried it last night for the 1st time - my leg muscles ached and my belly and back were slightly achy all night. Is this common?
  15. Eddie said… May 17, 2015
    Hi, I did a castor oil liver pack last night for the first time and today I am sore and tender in the area where I had the pack. Is this normal and should I do another castor oil pack today or wait a few days? Thanks.

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