20 Best Gluten-Free Pizza Recipes

When it comes to pizza, people have varying preferences. There are those who like thin crusts or thick crusts, lots of toppings or minimal toppings, tomato sauce or pesto sauce, condiments for dipping like mayo or ketchup, and much more in between. The beauty of pizza is that it’s so customizable and family-friendly – and you can never have too many gluten-free pizza recipes to make everyone happy!

At the Academy of Culinary Nutrition we like to keep our pizza gluten-free and dairy-free, as well as experiment with alternative crusts made from root vegetables, cauliflower, potatoes and winter squashes. Pizza traditionalists may recoil in horror at these crusts, but you’ll never know how delicious they are until you try them – and they allow you to enhance your pizza with nutrition.

You might be wondering how to possibly make a delicious pizza without cheese. We either opt for pizzas that are cheese-less or, if that just won’t do, try one of these 22 Best Dairy-Free Cheese Recipes. As for toppings, vegetables or meat are classics but remember you can also add sliced pears, pineapple, tempeh, or nuts and seeds.

There are heaps of crust, sauce and topping combinations you can try – get started off with these gluten-free pizza recipes.

20 best gluten-free pizza recipes

Easy and Delicious Gluten-Free Pizza

homemade Gluten-Free pizza crusts

Easy and Delicious Gluten-Free Pizza by Meghan Telpner (*ACN Founder + Director)

This classic pizza crust recipe is also yeast-free, egg-free, dairy-free and vegan, so it’s very allergen-friendly. It also happens to be a fave amongst our Culinary Nutrition Experts.

Spinach and Artichoke Pizza

gluten-free pizza

Spinach and Artichoke Pizza by Paleo Running Momma

Cashew cheese sauce is the star of this Paleo and vegan pizza recipe. We recommend making more of it to use as a spread or veggie dip, too!

Gluten-Free and Vegan Pizza with Mushrooms and Onions

best gluten-free pizza recipes

Gluten-Free and Vegan Pizza with Mushrooms and Onions by Bakerita

With a crust that only needs six ingredients and a gooey homemade vegan mozzarella, there really is no reason not to put this near the top of you gluten-free pizza recipes to try.


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Tempeh Tikka Masala Pizza with Gluten-Free Foccacia Crust

gluten-free pizza

Tempeh Tikka Masala Pizza with Gluten-Free Foccacia Crust by Vegan Richa

If you love thick pizza crusts, this recipe is for you! Be sure to check out Richa’s other pizza recipes while you’re on her site, as there are multitudes of options to choose from.

AIP Mediterranean Flatbread Pizza

AIP pizza crust

AIP Mediterranean Flatbread Pizza by Food Courage

For those following the Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) protocol, this pizza recipe uses a combination of gluten-free flours like plantain, cassava and coconut, and has a tomato-free pizza sauce. Yum!

Garlicky Kale Pesto Pizza

Kale pesto pizza on gluten free crust

Garlicky Kale Pesto Pizza by Jessica in the Kitchen

If you’re looking for ways to add more dark leafy greens to your daily life, this pizza recipe – which includes several cups of kale – is a delicious way to do it!

The Best Cauliflower Paleo Pizza Crust

Cauliflower paleo gluten-free pizza crust

The Best Cauliflower Paleo Pizza Crust by The Primal Desire

Many cauliflower pizza crusts use cheese as the binder. Since we’re dairy-free here, we love that this recipe uses chia eggs to hold everything together instead.

Zucchini Pizza Flatbread

Zucchini Pizza with Gluten-Free Crust

Zucchini Pizza Flatbread by Love Chef Laura

This grain-free pizza dough is layered with loads of summer veggies like zucchini and tomatoes, but if those aren’t in season for you, try something else!

Black Bean Pizza

Black bean gluten-free pizza

Black Bean Pizza by Sweet Potato Soul

We love the creativity of using whole black beans in a pizza crust recipe – and there is a video tutorial to help you make this one successfully.

Quinoa Pizza Margarita with Kale Pesto and Creamy Vegan Cheese

quinoa pizza crust

Quinoa Pizza Margarita with Kale Pesto and Creamy Vegan Cheese by Wholehearted Eats

This is one of those gluten-free pizza recipes that has a real ‘wow’ factor; plus, the crust is made of fibre-, protein- and mineral-rich quinoa!

Buffalo Cauliflower Grilled Pizza

best gluten-free pizza recipes

Buffalo Cauliflower Grilled Pizza by Orchids and Sweet Tea

Grilled gluten-free pizza dough, buffalo cauliflower bites AND ranch sauce. Yes, please.

Sweet Potato Pizza

Best gluten-free pizza recipes

Sweet Potato Pizza by From My Bowl

A fluffy pizza with a crust made from mashed sweet potatoes. You get a delicious gluten-free pizza and an arm workout at the same time!

Tomato Ricotta Galette

gluten-free galette pizza

Tomato Ricotta Galette by Healthy Little Vittles

This fresh, rustic pizza has a grain-free galette crust and is stuffed to the gills with fresh tomatoes and vegan ricotta. Can’t go wrong with this one!

Cauliflower Alfredo Veggie Pizza

Best gluten-free pizzas

Cauliflower Alfredo Veggie Pizza by Lemons and Basil

This is a great example of a creative dairy-free sauce you can use to top your pizza! We love this thick, cauliflower alfredo so much we don’t even need to add extra vegan cheese.

Waffle Pizzas

Best gluten-free pizza recipes - waffle crust

Waffle Pizzas by Healthier Steps

Who is the ruler of what a pizza crust can be made of? No one! We adore the creativity of using gluten-free waffles as a pizza crust – and the gooey cashew mozzarella in this recipe adds to the appeal.

Vegan Portobello Pizzas

Portobello mushroom pizza

Vegan Portobello Pizzas by Minimalist Baker

Portobello mushrooms make an excellent gluten-free pizza crust and the slight dip in the centre means you can fill them with extra toppings!

Broccoli Oat Pizza

Best gluten-free pizza

Broccoli Oat Pizza by The Crooked Carrot

This pizza recipe has a three-ingredient crust made from broccoli and when you add more toppings, it’s a simple way to include more veggies in your daily life.

Vegan Pizza with Cauliflower Potato Crust

Best gluten-free pizza recipes

Vegan Pizza with Cauliflower Potato Crust by Nutriciously

It doesn’t get much easier than a two-ingredient pizza crust! This cauliflower-potato crust will satisfy your comfort food cravings, and we love how this version is topped with dairy-free pesto and loads of veg.

Grain-Free Cassava Crust Pizza

Cassava pizza dough gluten-free

Grain-Free Cassava Crust Pizza by Sage and Celery (*Culinary Nutrition Expert)

The beauty of homemade pizza dough is you can shape it however you want – how lovely are these pizza hearts?

Party Time Dessert Pizza

gluten-free dessert pizza

Party Time Dessert Pizza by Ashleigh Grange (*Culinary Nutrition Expert)

This luxurious dessert pizza is the perfect way to end a meal. It has a banana-oat crust, coconut whipped cream, vegan chocolate sauce and you can top it with whatever fruits you desire!

Gluten Free Pizza Crusts