Birthday Treats! (Chocolate Covered Dates)

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Lovers! Yes, oh yes. Today is my birthday and I am now 31 years young. Oh it is good to be a woman in her 30’s. I swear there is this wild transition that happens when you reach 30 and the more into this delectable prosperous, self-assured decade I get, the more clear I become on what I am after in my world, and perhaps even more importantly, what is no longer worth putting energy into.

As a child, I always had Halloween themed birthdays- all except for that one year I took it to a grown-up level for my 9th birthday and had a dinner and a dance. Yes, I was always a step ahead of where I should be. It just came down to the fact that for just one birthday, I didn’t want to be wearing a witch’s hat and dirty-face make-up or worse- be a ‘punk rocker’ with green zinc as lipstick and an itchy metallic pink wig. Or maybe I really just wanted to slow dance with that special someone to a little Milli Vanilli’s Blame It On The Rain.

So because it is my birthday, I wanted to offer you a sweet gift and also maybe my most favourite chocolate goodie ever.

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Now, back to the sweet treats, Cake is fine and all for a birthday party- you know, tradition and all that jazz. But let’s be honest with ourselves, isn’t chocolate what we always want anyhow?

This little delight of greatness also makes an awesome grown-up Halloween treat.  This is not my invention though.  Must give credit where credit is due and this one comes from the same creator of The Incredible Hulk Bread.

This one has four ingredients- chocolate, coconut oil, almond butter, and dates. Dates make this a treat but if dates aren’t your thing, a dried fig would work beautifully as well.

Chocolate Covered Birthday Dates

12 medjool dates, pitted (can do this by hand)
3/4 cup almond butter (or nut/seed butter of choice)
1 dark chocolate bar or make your own raw chocolate sauce using this recipe
1-2 Tbs coconut oil (if using the chocolate bar method).
Sea salt to taste

  • Remove pits from your dates.
  • With the tenderest of loving touches, pry open the dates and put it approx 1 Tbs of almond butter for each date. Close’r on up as best you can.
  • In a double boiler, melt your chocolate.
  • Using kitchen tongs (or a fork if you don’t have tongs), dip your almond butter filled date into the chocolate.
  • Place on parchment paper and continue with the rest.
  • Sprinkle with a dash of sea salt (or use hemp seeds, ground gogi- whatever you like…) and put in the freezer for about 20 mins, or until serving.
  • Serve straight out of the freezer.

I know… Amazing.

Blog about the upcoming Low Glycemic Eating Challenge that we’re doing over here before November 1st and get a free copy of the tutorial. Simply post a link below to your blog post and a copy is yours! (Note: Your blog must have a link back here- obvy).


  1. Happy Birthday Meghan!! Hope your day is filled with lots of amazing fun, good people and of course delicious chocolate :O)
    That video made me laugh……oooooooh the 80’s…lol.
    That dessert looks amazing! Wow. I like stuffed dates with almond butter…never would have thought to cover that in chocolate….Brilliant!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Meghan! Hope your day is the beginning of a year filled with laughter, love, good health and lots of adventure. Cheers!

  3. Good morning Meghan and happy birthday! This feels a bit weird, you giving US a gift, but you don’t have to twist my rubber arm – I’m dowloading the package in a minute…!

    I hope that today feels grand, hopeful, inspiring, safe(r), funny, peaceful, healthy and energizing. Every day that you wake up you have another chance to do what you need to do and what you want to do. Happy, happy birthday…thanks for being you.

    – Odelia :o)

    P.S. That recipe is RIDONCULOUS. I’m going into a chocolate coma just reading it. And it’s easy!! Thank you on behalf of all of us who still aren’t cooking and baking rock stars!

  4. Happy Birthday Meghan! Wishing you lots of love and good things for 31! I loved 31, it started off rough but ended up awesome! Hope it ends the same for you.

  5. Happy birthday! :) Can’t wait to try these!!! My favorites used to be milk chocolate caramels with sea salt…the salty and sweet always got me. I’m definitely going to try these. I have a feeling they will be way better than the gross, processed caramels ever were!!!

  6. Hey!! Thanks for the birthday present…I am downloading mine now :)
    Hope you have a great birthday and good fortune in the coming year. Looking forward to those chocolate covered dates for this weekend.
    love your blog

  7. Happy Birthday Meghan!
    What a lovely treat! I LOVE dates!
    Wish you a wonderful day filled with love and happiness :-)

  8. Happy Birthday!! I tried that turmeric tea last night and it was so good! I am hoping it will help with my gut and with my painful knee. Either way, it was super tasty and is my new go to evening bevvie! Again Happy Birthday. Thank you for all you do here!

  9. Happy b’day, Meghan! Enjoying your blog as always – thanks for all the wonderful posts! Sending good vibes to your father, too – hope all improves and sunny days are ahead!!!

  10. Happy Birthday!
    Love the picture of you above…the colors almost look fake!
    Blogging about the Low Glycemic Eating Challenge tomorrow…
    Thanks for all of your treats!

  11. Happy Birthday Meghan! You really are the brightest ray of sunshine in this crazy crazy blogosphere! Have a fabulous day x

  12. Hi Meghan,
    Happy Birthday!! I am also an October baby! With the leaves turning, it’s almost like the whole environment got party clothes on to celebrate our birthdays!

    I posted a link to your Low GI challenge on my blog here:
    I am looking forward to the challenge!
    I would also love to take you for tea someday. I work with women who are struggling with infertility and I think our services complement each other well. I would like to meet you!

    Tanya Smith

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