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Coconut Kefir


I once tried to make yogurt. It was waaaay back a long time ago, um, like two years ago or so. I decided I was going to make my own yogurt. I bought some fresh from the farm goat milk, warmed it to the right temp, played by all the rules, and then the brilliant nutritionista that I am working out that I could put it in my dehydrator to keep temp stable?

Do you know what the result was? A jar of the most disgusting soured goat milk. Reminded me of university boyfriend days when I would find such things in the boy/man's fridge on a regular basis. I have since been unable to go near animal based dairy of any kind- including yogurt. The smell just kind of does that thing to my stomach that spinny rides and too much booze does.

As if we never go on a ride or have a drink again even if the last time we partook, we yacked like engineers during frosh week. I decided that I would give it another go, this time with kefir grains in organic sheep milk. Barftastic once again. I gave up once and for all. No fermented dairy for me.

But then- last September at the Longevity Conference I sampled coconut kefir made with a kefir starter and coconut water. It was like nutritionista champagne and so bought the packet of starter. I soon realized it was not so simple. The coconut water you buy in the tetra packs has been pastuerized- therefore would not ferment properly. Somehow I just never got it together to collect a dozen coconuts for the water to make my own coconut kefir.

Last summer, the winner of the Guest Blogger Competition, did a winning post on Coconut Kefir. I was happy to let everyone love all over it, but I wasn't rushing back into the land of fermented milky stuff. But then something happened... I was out for brunch with a group of awesome town ladies who I met (and who met each other) at my 6-week cooking program in the fall. Sylvie, the woman who went from never cooking a day in her life to making her own coconut kefir, had me inspired

A bestest of a best friend decided to cleanse his candida problem once and for all and I knew that coconut kefir was just the thing to help him do it. I pulled out my box of starter, read the directions (a feat unto itself for me) and new what had to be done.

I used the Body Ecology brand of starter which, if I can tell is a collection of bacteria- many of which you would find in a good probiotic pill.

Kefir is a super food. According to

Kefir contains minerals and essential amino acids that help the body with healing and maintenance functions. The complete proteins in kefir are partially digested and therefore more easily utilized by the body. Tryptophan, one of the essential amino acids abundant in kefir, is well known for its relaxing effect on the nervous system. Because kefir also offers an abundance of calcium and magnesium, which are also important minerals for a healthy nervous system, kefir in the diet can have a particularly profound calming effect on the nerves. Kefir’s ample supply of phosphorus, the second most abundant mineral in our bodies, helps utilize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for cell growth, maintenance and energy.

Kefir is rich in Vitamin B12, B1, and Vitamin K. It is an excellent source of biotin, a B Vitamin which aids the body’s assimilation of other B Vitamins, such as folic acid, pantothenic acid, and B12. The numerous benefits of maintaining adequate B vitamin intake range from regulation of the kidneys, liver and nervous system to helping relieve skin disorders, boost energy and promote longevity.

So unlike the grains, this starter is just a powder. I warmed my can of organic coconut milk to about body temperature (adding in 1/4 water 'cause it was super thick) and then stirred in the packet. I poured this into a clean glass jar and left it to do its thing in the warmth beside my fridge. 36 hours later, my coconut kefir was ready.

You know what I said to my friend? "I wish there were more steps! That was too easy".

So I created more steps by turning it into the most amazing breakfast treat on this side of the coconut jungle! Bon app lovers! Bon App!!!

Coconut Kefir Au Naturelle
1 can or 2 cups organic coconut milk
1 packet kefir starter

(follow the direction given as some may have different culturing times)

Coconut Kefir Love Potion #1
(makes 2 servings)

1 cup coconut kefir
1 Tbs lucuma powder
1/2 Tbs mesquitte powder
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
pinch of nutmeg
1 tsp vanilla extract of 1/4 tsp vanilla bean
stevia or honey to sweeten (use the stevia if your doing the yeast busting/candida thing)

Mix all together and serve. Or freeze and serve as a frozen dessert. What up frozen treats! Way better that this toxic crappola. And oh! Are you going to want to come back tomorrow to see the amazing act of nutritionista genius I came up with for this? Yes. yes you are!

Question Of The Day: What can I make for you? Give me your restrictions and I want to see what I can create!

30 Responses to “Coconut Kefir”

  1. Christine said…
    Yum! A few years back, when I was living on a tropical island, and doing a candida cleanse, I actually tried to use fresh coconuts to make kefir from the water and the young coconut meat... It was a nightmare...involving a drill and an electric saw, and disappointing fermented results. Needless to say, I love how simple your recipe is, and look forward to trying this out! Christine
  2. [...] started the day before with a little fermenting of some coconut kefir. We used this in place of the milk. Though I imagine organic yogurt thinned with water would work [...]
  3. [...] Raw, live enzume rich and probiotic goodness from a fermented yogurt (in this case, coconut kefir) [...]
  4. Kefir Nurse said…
    Hi Meghan I do realize that this is an older post, but wanted to chime in. I love kefir SO much. Coconut kefir is an awesome suggestion for dairy-free peeps. Also water kefir is a wonderful alternative. To the reader who had a hard time finding a Canadian to get kefir grains from... well it's not much easier. I had to get mine from the States as well, so I decided to make them available on this side of the border. I love your blog and all your colour! So glad I found you! Shelley
  5. Joanna said…
    Grain free, refined sugar free, dairy free, nightshade free, and egg free. Trying to find recipes that taste both good and is actually a meal. It's a challenge.
  6. Omar Perales said…
    Im in love with your cooking. Thanos a Lot.
  7. Sheila Allum said…
    Hi Meghan, have just downloaded the almond bread recipe and note that you use coconut kefir. I live in Malaysia and need to find out if I can get the kefir but even if I can I wonder if it will work in this tropical climate? Thanks regards Sheila
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Hi Sheila, thanks for your message! It should work just fine, it may just take a bit less time than the typical 36 hours because of the heat.

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