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Inside My Makeup Bag: Detoxing Beauty Care


Isn't it fun to snoop?

Sorry to disappoint- it's really not that exciting. You might be thinking- meh, I don't need to detox. My diet is clean as a whistle. That's what I used to think too- not realizing the other areas of my life that also needed a little cleansing. My make-up case was one of them.

Are you ready to discover all you need to know about looking your hottest self sans the toxic waste? Are you sure you're ready for it? See cause once you go clean, you can't go back.

That up there is my cosmetic bag. It's what I carry around all the time and pretty much all I take travelling (with the addition of some liquid shampoo- this one actually - my skin brush and some tooth oil. If I were to turn this into a make-up bag, I'd add my one bit of make-up, a natural mascara.

My beauty routine covers all the bases.

It starts with the following:

  • Tons of water. And then a little more.
  • Plenty of sleep- with a sleep mask on for pitch darkness.
  • Move and sweat every single day even if just for 10 minutes.
  • Poop regularly! Seriously- if that gunk stays inside for too long, things start to get ugly.
  • Avoid foods that make me look like a haggard oldie- that means nothing that is dehydrating (um... caffeine) or bloaty (too much salt).

And then I kick it up with these goodies as pictured:

  • An all natural essential oil based perfume (and no- I don't smell like patchouli)
  • Digestive bitters to make sure the poop happens and all the nutrients from my food are digested, absorbed and can work their healing magic.
  • Dental floss... floss and floss often.
  • Lavender Essential oil- to help keep the stress wrinkles away
  • Oil based deodorant- make your own with coconut oil and lavender¬†or try poetic pits from Living Libations
  • Lip gloss

Done and done. No lead. No sulfates. No colourings. No Poison.

The best part is that because I never wear make-up, looking my best doesn't involve spending hours getting myself primped and prepped. When I do decide to put in mascara- watch out- its a fancy occasion. This did not happen overnight- nope- not at all. It has been a very gradual progression based on what I was ready to take on- or more so- what I was ready to let go. Once the switches started happening though, the old stuff just felt really fake and icky on me. It started to smell funny, and rub in strangely.

It is more expensive to use these goods- but so it goes. There is no way I could ever go back. When our beauty products are also our detoxing beauty care routine- nothing compares. And as far as I'm concerned, it's way easier to use a cleaner tooth product, dry skin brush and put in a shower filter than stop eating chocolate and drinking wine, right?

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Question Of The Day: What beauty care or cosmetic swap have you made? Are you concerned about toxins in beauty care prods?


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