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Fermented Food Loving on Steven and Chris


After the loads of fun I had with Steven and Chris making Chai Mocha Lattes a few weeks ago, the boys invited me back, this time to chat about gut-lovin’ probiotics. It was such fun!  We even had some of my Culinary Nutrition Expert Program students in the audience (see pic above- aren’t they just the cutest!?), which made it that much sweeter.

The segment is all about taking a trip to the fermentation station- check it out below. We talked about the ins and outs of fermenting, and I even showed the guys how to make sauerkraut.

Why Fermented Foods?

Probiotics are the good guys; the good bacteria we need in our gut that help to keep us healthy. They support healthy digestion and healthy immunity. They live in the intestines and all too often are outta wack. Use of antibiotics, anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitizers, diets high in processed sugary foods and low fibre lend to a major bacterial imabalance; the yeasts and and pathogenic bacteria that makes us all kinds of unwell.  This imbalance in bacteria is all too common and relates to a massive assortment of health problems from chronic yeast infections (sexy sexy) to irritable bowel to headaches, PMS, moodiness and brain fog.

As a society we are all about pill popping. So much easier than actually changing our diet right? Sure thing. But if you want to go the au naturelle route, we have to deal with the diet first. Otherwise Dear Liza, Dear Liza, you are mopping up the floor with a hole in the bucket.

So before you start dishing out the dollars for expensive probiotics (and you seriously get what you pay for with these goodies), how about some fermented foods that by their very fermented nature, have the probiotics in them?

For Steven and Chris, I shared how we can spike from of our favourite meals with fermented foods.

If you are just itchin’ to get the goods on what magic I whipped up with S+C, check out these recipes below- but you will have to watch to find out how I jazzed them up, probiotic style.

I know you must be wondering- but, how?! How is it possible Meghan? It’s true my friends- all of the above deliciousness can be easily adapted for extra probiotic goodness. Want more? Of course you do!

Yum! Now make sure you tune in this afternoon- your gut will thank you, for so many reasons.

What is your favourite fermented food or fermented food containing recipe?

3 responses to “Fermented Food Loving on Steven and Chris”

  1. Linda Freed says:

    Love these ideas for spiking our recipes – thank you! I’m looking forward to watching the segment when it’s posted.

  2. birthgoddess says:

    I use the multitude of flyers that come in and cut out pictures of some of the foods that are on my grocery list and stick them onto some paper. This becomes the list for my children to find in the market/store as we go along.

    We also let the kids pick a fruit/vegetable that they want and then use that in our cooking for the week.

  3. Food Irradiation: 5 Things You Need To Know says:

    […] kills off 95% of bacteria(1)  in our food, but not all bacteria are bad for us. Some of those bacteria are the useful kind that start to smell funny when a food goes bad, warning […]

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