Gluten-Free Berry Walnut Muffins with Orange Glaze

We don’t often think of muffins as the type of recipe where you’d add a whole food frosting or glaze, but adding a glaze can really elevate your gluten-free muffins from a hardy snack to a very elegant treat. The orange glaze on these gluten-free berry walnut muffins kicks them up about five notches. And they go quite nicley with your favourite cup of tea, homemade nut/seed milk or hot chocolate.

This delicious gluten-free and dairy-free recipe comes from our 2019 edition of From Scratch Cooking, our annual e-cookbook for charity. For this project our Culinary Nutrition Expert Program graduates donate their recipes and we give 100% of the proceeds to worthy causes.

from scratch 2019

Andi Smith, a 2014 grad, is the mastermind behind these gluten-free berry walnut muffins. After completing the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, Andi took her culinary nutrition knowledge with her as she pursued a longtime dream of going to school for photography, and has since become an incredibly food photographer. Her gorgeous rustic shot of her muffin recipe became the From Scratch 2019 cover photo!

Andi’s food doesn’t just look good, it tastes amazing as well. Using a combination of gluten-free flours, natural sweeteners, healthy fats and fresh fruit, these muffins are perfect for your next snack or brunch potluck.

You can find more tasty gluten-free, plant-based and dairy-free recipes in From Scratch Cooking 2019 Edition – get your copy here.



Berry walnut muffins with orange glaze - Andi Smith