Help! My Partner Hates Healthy Food!

Have Your Say is a regular feature in which we take a tricky culinary nutrition situation and pass it to our readers for their advice. This week, we received a question from a woman named Janice whose partner is not a fan of the healthy goodness she’s cooking up in the kitchen….

I’ve recently started making some big changes in my kitchen and in my life — health is so important to me, and ever since I started incorporating more fruits and veggies into my diet, I’ve felt so much better. But my boyfriend can’t stand the meals I make (he’s more of a meat-and-potatoes fan). I don’t want to have to resort to making two separate dinners, but having him complain about the food I make is really getting on my nerves. Besides, I want him to start making healthy changes, too — it’s no fun having tons of energy when your partner just wants to veg on the couch all weekend. How do I bring him around to this new way of eating, or should I just accept that he may never be as excited about homemade squash soup as I am?

– Janice, Vancouver

Making healthy changes in your own life is such an amazing step, but it can be difficult to keep it up when those around you aren’t interested in jumping aboard the wellness train. What do you think?

How can Janice bring her boyfriend around to a veggie-loving lifestyle — or should she leave him to fend for himself in the kitchen?

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