Episode 8: How to Raise An Adventurous Eater

We have many parents, teachers and caregivers in the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program and a persistent challenge for them is helping their kids eat well, develop a positive relationship with food, avoid picky eating and be open to trying new things. Raising kids is no easy task and food can make the lunch room and dinner table a battlefield! Our eighth episode of the Today Is The Day Podcast, “How to Raise an Adventurous Eater”, is now available on your favourite podcast platforms.

Today is the day we’re diving into the patience-testing world of feeding little ones whole and healthy food! We’re sharing our best strategies for raising adventurous eaters.

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Covered In This Episode

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Meghan and Josh have been able to achieve regular and nutritious meal times with their two-year-old.
  • How a 1939 study can help us understand how very young children develop their tastes.
  • Why making a good impression on your little one – even when they’re in the womb – is important to developing their tastes VERY early on.
  • Why the attitude you present when introducing your child to a new food affects how well they take to it.
  • The powerful anti-cancer and pro-digestion effects of herbs and spices.
  • Why it’s essential for meal time to be relaxed, organized and consistent.
  • The reason you shouldn’t put on TV or a video when your little one is eating.
  • Why “selective eater” is a better and more accurate term than “picky eater.”
  • How Josh and Meghan have fun with oatmeal.
  • How to get your kids started on cooking early! It will really pay off in the long run.

Episode Bonus: Kid-Friendly Recipes

This episode’s bonus is a downloadable pack of some of our favourite kid-friendly recipes to help you slip in nutritious ingredients in a very delicious way! Recipes include:

  • Kid-tastic Nutrition-Spiked Burgers
  • Meghan + Josh’s Superfood Topper
  • Gluten-Free Veggie Cakes
  • Superfood Jigglers for Toddlers
  • Simple Purée Ideas

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Caitlin Iles

Before the Academy of Culinary Nutrition became an online school, Meghan offered the program live in downtown Toronto and Caitlin was one of the very first graduates of the program.

Caitlin has been rocking holistic wellness retreats that invite clients to slow down, nourish themselves and breathe. But that’s not all – she also works one-on-one with clients, teaches cooking classes, is a program coach for the Culinary Nutrition Expert program and posts a ton of helpful content and recipes on her blog. We also love seeing her as a guest on television programs across Canada, where she teaches cooking skills like creating fermented foods and easy breakfast recipes.

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