Introducing the Today Is The Day Podcast

At long last, Today is the Day podcast is here! Well, almost here.

In their signature in-depth, honest, engaging, entertaining, fun-filled and inspiring way, Meghan and Josh will be taking listeners on a deep dive into current hot topics in the health and wellbeing space, and provide clarity on information that may be confusing.

Where ten years ago, articles and studies about nutrition were few and far between, we are now drowning in the intricate details of what we think it means to be healthy. This abundance of information can cause an incredible amount of confusion and overwhelm. Their no-nonsense approach, backed up by evidence, will help clear the confusion so that you can make the best, well-informed decisions for optimal health.

Meghan and Josh are the voices of reason in this field and are thrilled to be bringing the conversations and discussions, usually reserved for their private morning walks or the dinner table, to you in the first season of the Today Is The Day Podcast.

Listen To The Today is the day podcast Show Preview Now!

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Why you’re going to love this podcast:

  • Feel like you’re getting a behind-the-scenes listen into the topics that Meghan and Josh most often discuss
  • Understand the why behind various health recommendations and trends
  • Become empowered to be able to sift through the conflicting information out there
  • Be entertained as complicated topics are simplified for you
  • Every episode will invite you to access easy-to-follow resources and guides

How You Can Support The Show

The Academy of Culinary Nutrition is proud to be supporting the Today Is The Day Podcast and we need your help to get the message out! Here are a few ways that you can support the success of the show:

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Today Is The Day Podcast