Today Is The Day Podcast: Season 2 Trailer

The second season of the Today Is The Day Podcast is almost here! Launching on March 17th, we’ll be exploring bigger questions in Season 2 and digging deeper into them.

In their signature in-depth, honest, engaging, entertaining, fun-filled and inspiring way, Meghan and Josh tackle important and urgent topics that also may challenge your pre-existing habits and beliefs or may challenge what you read in mainstream media. And of course, you’ll be entertained along the way.

We want to help support you in your efforts towards optimal health by breaking it all down, simplifying, and explaining what has become way more confusing than necessary and ultimately support you in becoming your own best health expert.

Meghan and Josh are the voices of reason in this field and are thrilled to be bringing more interesting conversations and discussions, usually reserved for their private morning walks or the dinner table, to you in the second season of the Today Is The Day Podcast.

If you haven’t listened to Season 1 yet or the mini bonus episodes, you can catch up here.

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Why you’re going to love season 2:

  • This season’s topics include the hidden barriers to weight loss, resilience, how genes impact our health, whether milk is a health food, and more!
  • Feel like you’re getting a behind-the-scenes listen into the topics that Meghan and Josh most often discuss
  • Understand the why behind various health recommendations and trends
  • Become empowered to be able to sift through the conflicting information out there
  • Be entertained as complicated topics are simplified for you

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Today Is The Day Podcast Season 2 trailer