Roasted Carrot Soup To Come Home To

The fall is the time, at least here in Canada, that we tend to get a little more into hibernation mode. We’re more inclined to hunker in and seek out that comfort food. I’ve been doing loads of interviews lately as it seems all of us here in Canada are prepping for another round of Polar Vortex winter. My advice continues to be the same — ditch what you think of as comfort food and kick it instead with the holistic interpretation.

If we really, truly want to feel warm, grounded and nourished by our food — if we want to get that warm hug from our meals, if you will — then we need to eat more warming, slow-cooked, grounding foods. When we instead feed the need for comfort with ice cream, pastries, and other sweet treats, we end up feeling exactly the opposite of what we’re aiming for. Often we counteract this imbalance by gorging on salty foods and perhaps booze and other things that, again, do the opposite of comfort. No one has ever declared a sugar, salt or booze hangover as a comfortable feeling.

What’s super awesome about taking a holistic approach to comfort food is that you actually end up feeling comforted while nourishing your bod from the cells up.

And that brings me to this slow-roasted, flavour-rich carrot soup that also incorporates loads of anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, antioxidant-rich spices that, while nourishing, and grounding, will also fuel up your immune system.

Fall is here. Let’s embrace it with this warmth.

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