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Today Is The Day Podcast

The third season of the Today Is The Day Podcast is about to launch! With everything going on in the world, Josh and I spent a lot of time planning for our third season. We know you are feeling confused about the information you hear on a daily basis and our intention is to cut through some of that clutter on the urgent and important topics we all need to address now, and provide evidence-based, practical information that you can apply in your life and to your health, right now.

Podcasting is today what blogging was when I started this work back in 2008. Basically, everyone has one and it’s easy to get started! And just like blogging back in 2008, just because you can do it, it doesn’t mean you should or that it will be any good. An article in Forbes stated that there are now over 800,000 active podcasts with over 54 million podcast episodes currently available worldwide. In summary, there are a lot of podcasts out there. Did the world need my health podcast? Clearly I thought it did, and this is why.

I have been working in this field since 2008, and I have seen so many changes within the health field and within the greater health industry. There is more health information available now than ever before, but it’s not necessarily translating into greater health or better clarity. I am finding through social media and specifically through my Culinary Nutrition Expert students that, even though the general population is more informed, everyone is also feeling dramatically more confused, and now, also afraid. Striving for optimal health has become more complicated than it should be and as a result, I see people hide from and forgo all of it.

Now, having written here on this website for more than a decade, I could easily say, “No problem, I’ve got you covered. Just pop over to my blog and read from the beginning. Just a quick one thousand or so posts to get through and by the end, all will be crystal clear.” These days, listening to a good health podcast is much easier.

This is ultimately at the root of why Josh and I wanted to start the Today Is The Day Podcast – and why we continue to create new episodes.

We want to be that voice of reason to break through the clutter, the noise, the trends, and the blogs, podcasts, books, documentaries and experts that are all, in most cases, perfectly brilliant, but that also serve to perfectly contradict each other and confuse you in the process.

The big question that everyone is trying to answer is: “What do I need to do for my health? My partner’s health? My child’s health?” The answer is remarkably simple and the most complicated of all because there isn’t an answer. There is no single solution for every human on the planet and as such, there is no single expert who has all the answers for everyone, nor a single dietary protocol, supplement, or approach that will work for everyone. However, there are big and important considerations that do apply to most people, most of the time. These big considerations aren’t flashy, exciting or newsworthy and because of this, we overlook them as we hunt through the details in the hopes of finding that one missing bit that will solve everything. Health just doesn’t work that way, though.

Josh and I got to thinking, how can we be part of the solution rather than the mix of conflicting information and overwhelm? How can we serve the individuals that seek our guidance, opinion, and distillation of the research? That is how the Today Is The Day Podcast came to be.

Today Is The Day Podcast Season 3

Our objective with every show is to simplify and strip back the complicated contradictions to the basic,  essential, evidence-supported information and offer the tools and strategies to empower listeners to know what needs to be done.

We chose episode topics for our health podcast based on what you ask us most often or where we’ve seen the most confusion. The questions we ask and attempt to answer typically don’t have direct yes or no responses, but a good solid “it depends” and we explain why. The why is important and often missing.

And so instead of needing to read the 1,000+ blog posts here and over on the Academy of Culinary Nutrition blog, you can just start by listening to Seasons 1 and 2 of the Today Is The Day Podcast.

It would be tough to pick favourites, but the most popular episodes include:

Season 3 of our health podcast is starting this week and in this season, we’re tackling critical, everyday health topics that may seem obvious but somehow still have resistance. Our intention is for each episode to leave you with a clear understanding of the topic, how it applies to you, and how you can put the key learnings into practice in your life.

I don’t want to share everything at once, but you can listen to the trailer and find a link to the first episode below. We had a lot of fun recording this season!

Today Is The Day Podcast Episode 22

What We Talk About: Different forms of sugar, their impact on your body and how you can begin to reduce or eliminate them.

Why You Want to Listen: Learn how to ditch your sugar habit – and loads of naturally-sweet options you can use instead.


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I can’t wait to share Season 3 with you!


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  1. I love your podcast and I’ve been listening to it on my morning walks. It’s exactly what I need.

  2. Your podcast is one of my absolute favourites. You and Josh inspire me to be healthier, and to do my own research about different choices we make. Everything you say resonates with me, and I am thankful for you!

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